David Rippburger


  My Animation Adventure 

by Kelley Dunlap (age 7 at the time)

    For spring break of '99 I went to Disney World. My Dad and I went to the animation studio tour and I bought a cel kit to paint. We went back to where a man named David Rippbuger was painting cels. He is a really really good animator. I asked a bunch of questions, like what size brush to use and how to paint the cel.

    Then my Dad asked David if I could have my picture taken with him. First I stood by the door with him. Then he sat me at his desk and took out a brand new cell. He asked me what my favorite color is and so I said, "purple." David said there was no purple on Donald Duck then asked my second favorite color. I said "Blue." He took blue paint from a little box by his desk, he took out a paint brush and told me how to paint a cel. 

    So I painted Donald Duck's shirt blue. Then I painted his chair black and gray and cleaned it up. Tours came by while I was painting and David would introduce me as a future Disney animator. Dad said, "I can't let anyone else buy this cel." So right cell.jpg (23087 bytes) then and there Dad said, "I'll buy it." Now it hangs on our wall. 

    Here is the cel I painted the Blue, Black & Gray. 

    This is the note Mr. Rippbuger sent with my cel. It says: 

"Kelley, Here is the cel that you worked on. You did real good. I do see a talent. I cleaned + had your cel stamped. Thank you so much on you help on this Donald cel. May all your dreams come true. Art is great.!! Go for it. David Rippburger"