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Welcome to Al's Toy Barn

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We love Toy Story.

Since we were in Disney World, with our costumes, we visited our pals at Al's

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It was great fun and Buzz, Woody and Jessie along with the other cast members were way cool. They spent a lot of time with us. They clearly responded to the home made costumes and our character behavior. Woody and Buzz normally stamp autographs. The kids had hats they wanted autographed and Woody and Buzz went to great lengths to really sign them. 

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Jessie was the coolest. She signed every thing. had a ton of pictures taken and she was extra cool to the little Jessie that came to see her. Zurg had business cards - Evil Emperor, Very Hostile Takeovers etc. . Jessie's cast member friends thought they were a riot, much to Zurg's delight.