Uncle Bones' Bennys



Zurg has a friend named Tony Rose. (OK the idea of Zurg having a friend is a little alien. Get it ALIEN! I kill myself sometimes.) I nick named him Bones in third or fourth grade. 

He didn't like it much at the time. He is a genuine professional web content kind of a guy and he has been seeking his revenge on Zurg's likeness. He started with this, like I didn't look enough like the Prince of Fools to start off. 

P1010017.JPG (38472 bytes) shoeshirt.jpg (73130 bytes)

Here is where we have progressed so far:

bd-1.jpg (36008 bytes) "so, just how silly can Dad look?"

bd-2.jpg (36034 bytes)"Like for instance, what would you say to a nose ring?"


bd-3.jpg (36289 bytes)... and maybe a slightly more creative hat.  




bd-4.jpg (36460 bytes)A cool red beard...

bd-4b.jpg (36535 bytes) (OK let's face facts and make that a not-so-cool GRAY beard.)

bd-5.jpg (36396 bytes) Borrow some really chic shades from Elton John...  




bd-6.jpg (36405 bytes)  (Better make that a pair of Rose-colored glasses.)

bd-7.jpg (36429 bytes) Add a battle scar from those days fighting off channel 6 reporters (don't ask).

bd-8.jpg (36680 bytes) ...and Britney's hair!