Heels & Platforms


Lethally BadShoes


Welcome to the main event! 
The brave young ladies doing the high work - Without a Net!!

Remember Ginger Rogers did every thing Fred Astaire did backwards in heals!

heal01.JPG (51065 bytes)

I couldn't walk and step in these gems caught under the Astro Orbiter.

heal03.JPG (16489 bytes)

or these. But in this case I think they were getting to their owner,
as I note she is sitting down.

heal02.JPG (20490 bytes)

Oh how I wanted a better picture of these. But if I followed any further I would have been served with stalking papers.

outside01.JPG (30474 bytes) outside02.JPG (25016 bytes)

These are not official BadShoe shots. They were not actually inside MK, (Note the bricks) however We didn't want to follow them back into the park just to get the shots. (One of those lime green jobs back a few pages was also an unofficial shoe) 

family.JPG (56872 bytes)

Nice family portrait.

P9080079.JPG (58311 bytes)

How about this group everyone get nice sneakers but
except the little girl who gets to stomp around MK in boots!

platfrm01.JPG (29143 bytes) platfrm02.JPG (24433 bytes)

string.JPG (29876 bytes) platfrm03.JPG (13017 bytes)

These are all great. I was particularly pleased with the black ones. My new Olympus C-700 Ultra Zoom  grabbed these form quite far away. And just look at the detail on the loose threads!

outside03.JPG (39101 bytes)

Nice Band-Aid on the toe.

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Lethally BadShoes