Rachel - DCL



Rachel - Disney Cruise Lile

Rachel earned a BadShoe thank You by helping out our niece Anne.

Anne has some physical challenges. She and one of her friends came on the DCL where the outstanding service makes it a little easier to vacation with those challenges. 

Anne her mom are serious Disney veterans. Anna had been on the DCL a few times before and gave her friend a DCL back pack that she had received on a prior cruise thinking she could get a new one herself on this trip.

Unfortunately they were no longer in stock. The only one in sight was part of the silent auction and my sister and Anne didn't make the winning bid.

Rachel heard of their quest of a back pack and scouted around back stage and found one left over. She gave it to Anne as gift.

Anna was thrilled.

My sister Terry called and asked BadShoe too seek out Rachel and make "do something nice."

Well I am not sure being on BadShoe qualifies as nice but we are thrilled to welcome Rachel to our list of great CMs.

Anne & Terry continue to be fanatic DVC and DCL regulars because of people like Rachel.

Walt would be proud.