From my Trip report on the DIS.

We are looking forward  to a great trip. We have made trading pins to give to Cast Members who provide outstanding service. Al from bell service is about to earn one.

We are assigned room 2111 or something like that. The kid’s and I head to the room while Al tries to move the worlds most over loaded luggage cart. Entering the studio side of the two bed room Zurg breaths deeply looking around at the room…

…Ack… what is that smell? …choke… …It seems so recent... I know North Carolina Paper Mill! This is such a smoking room that the walls ooze nicotine.

DS has strong allergies this doesn’t work. We need the no smoking we mad a reservation for. Zurg herds the kids out before the smell puts Blair into anaphylactic shock.

We meet Al in the hall way. He says he will see if another room is available. Worst case they can spray the room. Zurg mentions the allergies and isn’t joking about the potential reactions. Never fear Al is on the mission. We remember Al from some other situation but it isn’t exactly clear yet.

We go back to the lobby and resume playing with the Bell Services stand. The guys there make balloons, long ones like the ones clowns make hats and little dogs out of. They are shooting them at a group of kids and my boys jump right in and play too.

Soon Bell services has balloons flying around the Bell desk as an army of kids try to spring them back at their attackers. I think Bell services are having more fun than the kids. They are winning too.

Al shows up with the key to a new room. 3069. Right off the elevator overlooking the drive. The kids run out on the balcony and  spot Mom returning with bags of food from the store.

Up at the room Mom recognized Al from a prior trip. He had saved the day then too. The batteries in our room’s lock died. We were coming back from the pool all wet and couldn’t get in. Al had found towels to keep the kids warm while we waited for engineering to figure out that with dead batteries the master key doesn’t work.