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Yes folks more BadShoes from our friends!

Hi there,
I have a great Bad Shoe - actually Bad Everything, pic for your site.  Basically, its a woman in her "Sunday Best" at the Animal Kingdom in September. It was about 100 degrees that day.

Here's the picture. I passed this woman in the crowd and nearly choked on my soda when I saw her. I followed her through the crowd until I could get a good shot of her.




Deb sent these form here April ,03 Trip

We think Deb was in her "Blue" phase

I don't remember Who sent these, sorry, but they are classics

Click on the laced up sandals to see how tight the  cord is! LOL


This portfolio is by Bedknobbery2

Hi there, Zurg!
Bedknobbery2 from DISboards here.  I kept meaning to send you these pics, and forgot.  My kids and I were on the monorail to MK when I spotted the shoes on this one woman, and I immediately thought of  Man, do I have a new appreciate for discreet picture taking after trying to snap these.
The photo of the 3 pairs of feet were as we were entering MK.  The center is the ones that really stood out, but the kids on either side get props for nearly as bad. LOL  Sorry it isn't as good a view as I'd like. 
The second pair was in the giftshop at the Pirates of the Caribbean.  I wish I could've gotten a picture of this womans entire outfit, it really set the mood...but her boyfriend/husband started giving me weird looks when I kept snapping pictures of 'my kids' right next to them. LOL This was the clearest shot I could find.


Guest Shoes by SuiteDisney

Hey, Zurgy!

I took these for you on my last trip to WDW.

The bottom sandals don't look too awful until
you realize that the soles are wood.


0085.JPG (22094 bytes)

0977.JPG (57763 bytes)


And one from the Emperor Contribution to Deb's


I stumbled across your site today while at

I almost fell off my seat laughing, because in June 2001, we saw a woman wearing a pair of shoes so hideous, we HAD to take a picture of them for posterity.  I thought we were the only people with a sick enough sense of humor to do something like this.  I could not believe that you dedicated an entire site to this, but since you did, I think you could use this picture for your archives. 

This picture can be described in less than ten words: pale pink, patent leather, platform, hightop sneaker monstrosity.

Oh, and for the record, these shoes were on the feet of a woman approximately 85 years old. 

Hope you enjoy! 

Natalie Torres