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LY/MI, Chapter 7
Cure for a broken heart? Bobby the Bandit!

It was about 3:00 AM when I got up to use the bathroom. I had finally heard what Zurg was talking about when he said Pop Century had musical plumbing and so I had closed the door before I went to bed. You can’t hear the plumbing if the door is closed.

The door has a full length mirror on it.

I was ½ asleep when I thought I almost walked into Nikki. “What are you doing?” I said to myself in the mirror.

Then I screamed, because I realized it wasn’t Nikki, it was some rumpled, hair-in-the-air troll person.

“What the HELL are you doing?” Del said in a scratchy, ‘you scared me half out of my mind’ voice.

I had one hand against the wall and the other over my heart that was trying to beat its way out of my chest. “Nothing.” I said while trying desperately to keep from passing out.

“Could you do ‘nothing’ with a little less screaming?” Del asked.

I know for a FACT, that I am not the only person to have done that. My friends’ husband has done it twice.

You know, it turns out; it’s not so funny when you’re the one freaking out over a mirror.

Love ya, mean it Gene. I feel your pain.

When Mickey called us for our real wake up call, I turned the TV on to listen to the weather. It was calling for rain. I checked he weather on the phone; it too was calling for rain.

No sooner than I had hung up the phone, Nikki was banging on the door. “Come on, we are going to Typhoon Lagoon today.”

We had an argument about the weather forecast, but I lost. I wasn’t raining right now, and if we got our asses in gear, we could have some quality water park fun time before it did. “LET’S GO!”

Putting on a damp bathing suit that has been hanging in an air conditioned room sucks, however it does keep you cool while you walk out to the parking lot and get your air conditioning going in your rental van.

It also wakes you up faster than a cup of coffee or a full length mirror in the middle of the might.

We pulled into the parking lot about 10 minutes before Typhoon Lagoon was scheduled to open. We ended up with prime real estate parking again. This picture is only a few feet away from where we parked.

Curt and Nikki had magic plus visits on their passes, so they were all set. Del, Em and I are AP holders, NOT PAP holders so I had to pay for admission but I did get a discount for my AP’s.

I had told the crew about the newest water-coaster-slide thing and they were very interested in it. Once the gates open we headed over to the Crusher Gusher.

(Taken from the Dis)
Fun Facts:
Each slide averages over 400 feet
One slide can fill a regular home pool in a minute
The Crush 'n' Gusher can fill the 2.7 million gallon wave pool in about 3 hours
The water jets put out 1350 gallons a minute

On the way, we stopped at a lounge chair to unload our stuff and apply sunscreen. I put so much on Em; I left streaks on her skin. I put some on myself, everywhere except the tops of my feet. The thought of having sand stuck to my feet was more than I was willing to handle. I didn't know until later that that was super-stupid. Then I did Del’s back and handed him the bottle.

I assumed he was conscious when I applied it to his back because he was standing up. I also assumed he would do his front.

He didn't and he ended up with a wicked sunburn. Later he kept walking around, scratching his chest like an ape.

I brought two bottles of sun block because you can never be too careful when you are that close to the equator. I took the second bottle out of the bag, dumped a huge glob in my hand and started going towards Nikki.

She completely and totally freaked the hell out about it.

“MOM! I have sunscreen on! I’m all set! I don’t want anymore!” She yelled at me.

I tried to explain the sun in Florida is much different than the sun in Maine. She was going to get burnt. I knew she had only put on the thinnest layer possible, because she wanted a tan. I also tried to tell her I had a handful of sunscreen and nobody to put it on, so I needed her to help me out.

Help a momma out, would ya?

Nope, she wasn’t going to let me touch her. I took a couple swings at her with it, but she moved pretty fast. She even hopped over a lounge chair backwards.

So I put MORE on Em. Em could have actually walked on the sun and still remained burn free.

We walked over to the Crusher Gusher and got one double tube and one triple tube. I was pleased that something in Disney finally accommodated odd number families. Nikki and Curt were going in one, while Del, Em and I went in the other.

There were three pathways leading up to the slides. I recommend all of them.

We were there early enough that as soon as we crashed into the water at the bottom, we could walk very quickly (but not run because it upsets the CM’s) right back on. Nikki wanted me to ride with her and Curt because she wanted me to see what happens to her when they got to the bottom.

“You have GOT to see this, it is a riot.”

So Nikki, Curt and I took a triple tube and got back to the top. The CM at the top looked at me and Curt and said “Who ever is heavier has to sit on the back.”

That was a little embarrassing. I looked at Curt and asked him how much he weighed. Whether he told the truth or not, he made my entire morning. “More than you do.” He said with a smile.

Love, love, love ya Curt. Mean it, mean it!

Nikki got in the front, I got in the middle and Curt got on the back. We went screaming through the tunnel and when we hit the water, Nikki was launched about 4 feet off the front of the tube.

I tried to catch her with my claw feet but at the velocity that she was traveling, she would have ripped my legs off at the hips.

It got worse for her too. The tube that still contained my chubby ass was still going pretty fast and Curt and I ran right over the top of her.

I tried to keep my butt up so I wouldn’t smack her in the head with it.

We LOVED the Crusher Gusher. Go early, go often. Watch your head.

I made Em put on a tee shirt for the rest of the day. I felt the 2 thick layers of sunscreen weren’t enough.

There is just nothing funny about a little kid with a sunburn.

I decided that it was going to be Nikki’s day. Nikki didn’t know it, but it was her new birthday. A little more than a year ago on her original birthday we buried someone we loved very much. It’s not a day we can celebrate anymore. We can’t. It hurts too much. I really can’t even talk about it.

So I rescheduled it. I’m the mom, I did the labor so I can do that.

She was going to tell us what we were doing and where we were going. I kept telling the rest of the crew that it was my day off.

I must have said that 47 times. They kept asking me questions, even Nikki who was supposed to be in charge. I thought about it later and realized that they don’t do much thinking on their own. I tell them everything, from where we are going to eat to what we are going to ride and when we are going to do it.

Maybe they learned a lesson in December when they tried to stage a revolt on me. They flipped out one day because they said they were tired of trying to follow a schedule and wanted to just ‘wing-it’.

It took over two hours to find a place to eat that we could all agree on and we walked a million miles to do it.

I was confident that this day would be safe; I didn't declare Nikki the leader until we had gone on the Crusher Gusher. Food wouldn’t be a problem; we had reservations at the Whispering Canyon that Nikki was really looking forward too.

She had NO IDEA what I had planned for that meal.

So the Commando was officially in charge of what we would be doing and she decided that it was time to eat because we were starving to death.

We walked down the pathway to find something to eat, found a food stand then turned right back around to go back to the chairs and get some money so we wouldn’t have to steal brunch.

The leader went into a gift shop and bought a water proof container that hangs around your neck. She couldn't see us walking back to the chairs every time we needed some money.

So far, the Commando was doing a pretty good job.

We had a good brunch and we were heading over to the shark tank to swim with the sharks.

Del hates the shark tank because the water is really cold, and I guess there is some issue with balls and ice cold water. We walked up to the window and got a snorkel and mask.

Before you can get into the tank, you have to take a shower. That water is really cold too. Curt stepped under it like it was bathwater. The rest of us stood back in awe.

“All you have to do is breathe through your mouth. No problem.” He explained to us.

Em and I didn’t mind it too much, but Del nearly had a heart attack when the water hit him. Nikki was breathing through her mouth, but it was coming out like a scream.

We followed the pathway to the tank when I remembered I can’t swim.

One of these days I am going to get too far before I remember that.

I went back to the entrance to grab a life vest, and then caught back up with the crew.

The CM standing at the entrance of the tank gave us instructions about participating in the shark swim. You are allowed to swim side to side, but not backwards. You are also not allowed to kick your feet; you might knock someone in the head. You are welcomed to exit the tank at the other end and return to the entrance of the tank as many times as you would like.

He then instructed us to sit at the edge of the tank. I was shoved aside by one very charming lady (read that as pushy bitch) so I couldn't go with the crew.

That was fine; I wanted to take pictures anyway.

The crew was told to enter the tank, sit on the edge and put on their masks. They then had to put their faces down in the water and touch the bottom of the edge.

The crew went off with out me. I got into the water and tried to lean forward to touch the bottom of the ledge, but my life vest kept pulling me up. The CM said they only have you do that to make sure your mask doesn’t leak, so it was no big deal.

I love to snorkel. I took my time going across the tank, floating back and forth, trying to see everything. I had a ‘Dori’ fish that kept swimming up to my mask. It was so cool. I spread my arms out and touched a fish accidentally which surprised both me and the fish.

“Glarble!” I said through the snorkel.

That means: ‘Pardon me, I didn't mean to touch you there.’

When I finally got across the tank, the crew was standing there with a park photographer waiting to take a picture of all of us.

“You guys have had too much sun if you think I am going to have my picture taken looking like this.” I told them.

I had put my mask on so tight that I knew I had a red ring around my eyes and nose, my hair that has coloring in it had just spent too much time in salt water (if you are a guy reading this, ask your wife what salt water does to a dye job), I still hadn’t figured out a way to suck in my thighs AND I was wearing a life vest that made me look like I had a barrel for a chest.

I passed on a permanent record of this particular look.

The kids went solo on the power-wedgies slides while Del and I waited at the bottom. Each person who stood up at the bottom of the slide had to remove their suit from there backside, how is that fun?

We stood in the heat and sun and waited forever to get on the family raft ride. This ride is designed for smaller families, literally. We slowly dragged our butts around each corner and bend before lightly splashing into the pool at the bottom.


The crowds were growing so we decided to wait them out in the lazy river.

A word of warning about the lazy river, while you are laying in your tube, dozing off while quietly floating, if your tube floats too close to the side, you will scrape the top layer of skin off your feet.

If you happen to have a sunburn cooking on top of your feet, it will hurt more than childbirth.

While we were floating, Em noticed a funnel cake stand back up on land. “Wobin! Funnel cake! Oh, gosh, they have funnel cake!” As she twisted around in her tube to point at the funnel cake stand, she fell out of the tube. It took her several attempts to get back in and the entire time she was celebrating the funnel cake stand.

“I love funnel cake! Don’t you?”

I do, but not enough to nearly drown myself over it.

We floated around the river a couple of times and decided what we needed more action. A vote was taken and we got out of the lazy river and went to the wave pool.

Nikki told me Curt hates the wave pool, but I think she is wrong. He stood back in the waist deep water with me while Del, Em and Nikki swam for deeper waters. The whoosh sound happened, people screamed and a couple minutes later we were finally hit with a wave.

I still don’t understand why people scream at the whoosh sound.

Nikki, Del and Em were in the wave that hit Curt and I. Curt was able to hold his footing much better than me, because by the time I stopped being driven backwards by the wave I was laying in a foot of water.

I was still holding my nose too.

And my head ended up next to a 6 month old who was sitting at her mom’s feet.

I really think Curt had fun, I don’t care what Nikki said.

This was a stupid idea. Wait until the wave is pushing Nikki beyond her control and throw and 8 years old at her. I think she got kicked in the head.

The crowds had thinned out a bit, so we headed off for some more slides.

We felt the crowd had thinned out enough to go for another ride on Crusher Gusher but by the time we got back over there and applied another thick layer of sun block on Em, the sky turned black and suddenly we were standing in the middle of a wicked thunderstorm.


My first instinct was to run for the exit; the crew’s was to head for a pretzel stand. So we stopped and grabbed some pretzels and drinks and went back to the van that was parked at that prime real estate parking I mentioned before.

Soggy pretzels are only tasty if you are in Disney.

We got back to Pop Century and the rain had stopped. It ended up working out okay, because it wasn’t until we were back at Pop that we realized how exhausted we were from all that playing at typhoon. We needed a power nap.

Naps, showers and re-dressing for dinner was quick and uneventful.

Nikki had come into our room to see if we were ready. I wish I hadn’t said what I said next, but I did, and I am sorry.

“Is that what you are wearing?”

How did my mother get here?

She was wearing shorts and a tee-shirt, totally appropriate attire for a Florida vacationer. I didn't mean there was anything wrong with what she was wearing, I was just thinking that I would be taking a lot of pictures of a special night and I knew she had nicer outfits than what she had on.

But she had no idea that it was a special night. “I guess I could do a little better.” She said and left my room.

I am such an asshole.

I double checked my backpack to make sure I had her ring. She will forgive me later.

Del and I waited outside while Nikki changed. Nikki, being the kind of kid that she is, swung her door open and sang “Is this better, mother?”

“Adorable.” I said and we started to walk to the van to go to the Wilderness Lodge but had to stop for an argument.

We argued about who had the worst burn on the top of their feet. This picture is 5 degrees of sunburn. Em had no burn at all while poor Del had walking blisters on the bottom of his feet and sun blisters on the top.

I was nervous on the way over to the Lodge because I was going to valet park the van.

I have never valet parked before. This was almost as nerve racking as the first time I rented a car. I didn't know how to rent a car and stood at the counter staring at the girl with my mouth open waiting for further instructions.

With valet parking, I did a little research before hand. Apparently every single person I know on internet message boards has at one time valet parked. I took a survey in a chat room once. I was the valet virgin. I still was having a hard time with the entire ‘hand the keys to a van that you are responsible for too some total stranger and hope for the best’ idea.

I pulled up to the front door of the Wilderness Lodge behind a car that was unloading their luggage. “What are you doing?” Del asked.

“I might be valet parking or I am just hogging up traffic. We will have to wait and see.” I said. A man wearing a vest walked over to the van and I rolled down the window a crack. “Can I help you?” He asked with a smile.

I panicked. I had two dollars in my hand that I had taken out of my backpack on the way over. I was shoving the money through the crack of the window. “Do you want to park this van? Are you a valet?”

Here, I’m paying you to steal this van. It’s not mine, but I am legally responsible for it, so if you’d like to crack it up while you drive off, that’s okay too.

“Yes, madam. Thank you.” The valet said when he took the money through the window.

The crew jumped out and I continued to sit in the drivers’ seat. The valet opened the door for me. I was still gripping the steering wheel when I looked up at him. “So, you have a valid driver’s license right? Are you the most experienced of the valet parkers? You haven’t had anything to drink tonight, right? You promise not to let anything happen to this van, right? It’s not mine. I haven’t even let my husband drive it, we share a bed and I have been known to wear his underwear. My step daughter calls them ‘daddy’s panties’.

Wow, way too much information for a guy wearing a vest.

I know he really wanted to laugh, I could tell by the way his body shook and his face turned red. “Yes, madam, everything will be fine. I park hundreds of these every week.”

He handed me a ticket and I reluctantly got out of the drivers seat. This little piece of paper was all I had to prove that at one time I had a van.

I had to fight the urge to fingerprint and photograph the guy I just gave my van too.

Hoo-ray for Wobin, she valet parked and nobody got hurt.

I am glad I had stopped to take a picture at the door because I ended up walking in behind the crew. Curt had paused while he was walking in and looked up. “Whoa!” He said to Nikki in a deep whisper.

I am so glad I didn't miss that. The Wilderness Lodge is pretty impressive when you first see it. It really is one of those places that takes your breath away. It was really cool to see someone else see it for the first time.

Del and Em headed for the Lincoln log table while Nikki took Curt for a small tour of the Wilderness Lodge. I went to the podium because I seem to be the only one out of the crew that knows how to say our name and number in our group to a total stranger.

That was fine because I needed to make sure the cake had arrived anyway

I got to the podium and told her who we were and asked if the cake had arrived. It did and I was tickled.

Del was behind me poking me in the side to let me know they were playing with the Lincoln logs. I slapped him for tickling me.

I told the girl behind the podium that we wanted Bobby the Bandit for our waiter. “I’m not sure if he has an available table.” She said.

“We will wait. I don’t care how long. Besides, I’m not completely convinced we have a ride back to the hotel anyway, I gave away our transportation.” I told her, but by the confused look on her face, I would guess she had never been out front of the hotel and had no idea that you give away your car to a total stranger wearing a vest.

We did have to wait for a table with Bobby, but it wasn’t too long. While we waited there was a cry from inside the restaurant for ketchup that upset the hell out of Curt. Nikki made him stand up so he could see what was going on inside the restaurant, which was 40 people carrying bottles of ketchup to one table.

“Oh my God, that’s crazy.” Curt said and looked pretty concerned about eating here.

If you have ever said ‘I want to go to Disney with Delswife’s crew’ and you want a sample of what we are like, go to the Whispering Canyon and have Bobby be your waiter. He HAS to be one of us.

As a matter of fact, ½ ways through our meal Em asked me “Is he one of your brothers Wobin?”

The pager went off and we were lead to our table by the girl from behind the podium. Bobby was getting a drink order from the table next to us when he leaned over and said “I’ll be right with you.”

“No problem Bobby. We are pretty patient.” I said.

Bobby gave me a look and asked “How do you know my name?” Bobby was wearing a name tag that just said ‘BJ’.

“I have friends…” is all I had a chance to say.

“Hey! You’re Mrs. Dunlap’s friend! You aren’t supposed to be here yet! You weren’t coming until Sunday!” He said.

I wasn’t sure what it was about us that gave us away so quickly as being ‘Mrs. Dunlap’s’ friends, but we chose to take it as a complement.

Just a quick note, Bobby is a super-cutie.

We sat at our table and Bobby sat down with us. “Okay, what can I bring you to drink?”
He then proceeded to name every drink ever known to man and all in the matter of 15 seconds.

“Huh?” Em said. Bobby made a face at her, took a deep breath and named every drink known to man again in a matter of 15 seconds.

I was dizzy.

During the third list of drinks, because Em was still having trouble with it, my cell phone rang and it was Kimball. “Is that Mrs. Dunlap?” Bobby asked and before I could answer, he held out his hand for the phone. “I thought they weren’t coming until Sunday!” Bobby yelled into the phone and got up from the table.

He wasn’t done yelling either because he stood in the middle of the restaurant, held up my cell phone and told everyone on the count of three to say “Hi mom!” to Kimball.

I looked at Nikki. She was enjoying her special night so far.

Bobby had come back to our table, gave me back my phone, passed out menus to all of us, then pick up my camera and took pictures.

He then pointed the camera into the restaurant and started yelling “Family photos! Five dollars!”

Meanwhile, back in the middle of the restaurant, another waitress was announcing that it was time to do the hokey-pokey. “Stand up! Stand up!” Bobby yelled and while we did the hokey-pokey, Bobby went and got us drinks.

The video is located on Lou’s thread:

After we finished putting different parts of our anatomy in and shaking them all about, the table of people on the other side of us got up and left.

“Gross! There is corn stuck to the side of the table!” Em announced.

I called an emergency crew meeting. We all leaned into the table so I could tell them something.

“This is not an original idea; it’s the Zurg’s. When they come here, they bus Bobby’s table when he is not looking.” I told them and by the time the last word was out of my mouth, they were all up and heading for the messy table next to ours.

“We need a broom over here!” Del yelled to the waitress passing us, who brought us one right away. Curt and Nikki were scraping the food from plates into one while Em was collecting crayons. I was gathering the glasses when Bobby came up behind us.

“NO! No, no, no! I know you guys are REALLY friends of the Dunlap’s’ now! Go sit down!” He yelled at us. The other waitress had brought us a tray and we were loading it up while Bobby grabbed the rag away from Del and started wiping the table. “They are a bad influence on my guests!” Bobby said.

We sat back at our table and when Bobby came back, he took our order then he put a napkin on Curt’s head and pronounced him ‘the other white meat.’

So there Curt sat, looking embarrassed with a napkin on his head. He was shaking his head and smiling up until Del said “At the rate you’re going, you’ll be riding a wooden horse around this place.”

For a second, I thought Curt was going to cry.

No, not really, but he did look pretty worried.

The table next to us got their food first, and on the way by Bobby asked Curt if he liked croutons and tried to toss one into Curt’s mouth. He missed on the first try, but caught it on the second. The restaurant cheered.

Bobby had brought the guys refills on their drinks. Nikki and Curt kissed each other and Bobby stopped dead in his tracks. “Hold on! You guys aren’t brother and sister, right?”

Oh, good LORD! How many other people that had looked at us, sized us up as a blood related family THEN saw those two kiss?

We had ordered the all ‘you care to eat’ meals and were well into stuffing our faces when Bobby came over handed Curt a wooden horse and told him to go stand at the pole at the other side of the restaurant.

Curt, being a really good sport, did as he was instructed. He stood next to the pole for a few seconds when Del looked at me and said “No way, man. I know what that is like. I’m going with him so he doesn’t have to feel like an ass alone.” And on that note, Del got up, grabbed a wooden horse and stood next to Curt.

Bobby then instructed every little kid within earshot to get a wooden pony and line up behind our guys. “This is a pony TROT, not a pony RACE, nobody is to run.”

While Bobby was explaining the pony trot, (not a race, nobody is to run) Del raised his hand. “Yes, sir?” Bobby asked.

“That kid right there wasn’t listening!” Del said and pointed at some poor little kid. He got sent to the end of the line.

If we had been dining at the 50’s Prime Time, Del would have been put in the corner for not minding his own business.

The rest of the restaurant was told to keep hooting and hollering while twirling our napkins in the air or we would have to ride the wooden pony out in the lobby of the Wilderness Lodge. Del had to do that the last time we went, so I knew they weren’t kidding around. My napkin was in the air during the entire trot (not a race, nobody is to run).

Later, after the pony trot (not a race, nobody is to run) all the men in Whispering Canyon had to line up and sing ‘My little buttercup’.

Bobby was jumping around and singing while demonstrating what he expected from them and suddenly…


Bobby fell on the floor.

Without missing a beat, he was back up on his feet, twirling around and got on one knee for his big finale. When he finished he said to the passing waitress “I can’t believe I fell.”

THAT is the only reason I knew it wasn’t part of his act.

We finished our meal and Bobby cleared our table without much assistance from us. Nikki grabbed Curts hand and didn't let go. She knew something was up at that point because we hadn’t gotten up to leave.

A minute or two later Bobby came back with a chocolate covered marble cake with raspberry filling that said ‘Happy Birthday Nikki’ (couldn't fit commando on it). Nikki looked down at the cake, and back up at me. “Did they spell it right?” Bobby asked.

She smiled and nodded her head while still looking at me. “I knew you were up to something!” She laughed.

Bobby had brought plates and a cake knife. “Cross out your name before you cut it.” He told her.

She and I both said ‘Huh?’ at the same time.

“Cross out your name, you are supposed too. And while you’re at it, save me a piece.” Bobby said. Nikki dragged the knife across her name (why? I don’t know) and Bobby yelled “Wait! Come here!”

There were two other people celebrating their birthdays and Bobby brought them to the center of the restaurant. We would be singing a song and every time there was a word with a ‘B’ in it, they had to sit or stand.

My Bonnie (sit) lies over the ocean.
My Bonnie (stand) lies over the sea.
Bring (sit) back (stand), Bring (sit) back (stand), Oh Bring (sit) back (stand) my Bonnie (sit) to me, to me.
Bring (sit) back (stand), Bring (sit) back (stand), Oh Bring (sit) back (stand) my Bonnie (sit) to me, to me.

It was great.

Next Bobby pointed at the lady standing next to Nikki and announced that we were looking for a single anesthesiologist for her and a doctor for Nikki. “Oh, oops! Wait! THAT is NOT her brother!” Bobby yelled and pointed at Curt.

Nikki came back to the table and started to cut the cake when I handed her the ring. She opened the box and she couldn't hold back the tears.

“Everyone deserves a special day, little girl. Love ya, mean it.” I said to her.

That moment was really painful for about 3 seconds. The reason she didn't have a birthday anymore was tearing into both of our hearts. We both looked at each other and started to cry when Bobby came back and did the ‘Peter Pan dance’.

He sang, he hopped, he twirled, he rolled around on the floor…

He hugged two very broken hearts.

Thank you, Bobby. Thank you so very, very much.

Love ya, mean it.

Unfortunately I have not done Bobby justice. He was so busy entertaining us every minute; I know I have left things out. He is the BEST experience in Disney Dining. We laughed, we cried. He should be listed as a ‘must see’ in the guide books. He is going to be listed as such in the guide book I’m going to write one day.

Of course, Bobby wouldn’t let us leave until he outfitted us all with napkin hats.

We gave Bobby a piece of cake and got a container for the left over cake. Curt and I had a small disagreement about who was paying for dinner, you pay for your education boy, let me worry about dinner, then we went back out to the entrance to see if we still had a rental van.

I showed my little ticket to the same guy who I gave the van to and he asked what our plans were for the rest of the evening. I told him we were going over to the Magic Kingdom for a while.

“Take the boat! It’s much faster and you won’t have to deal with parking. It will take you right to the gate. And if you’d like, we can hold your belongings for you until you come back.” He said.

Technically we valet parked a piece of birthday cake and a beer tube thing. Nobody told me about THAT. They even gave me a ticket for it.

I wonder what the strangest thing is someone has valet parked. I assumed it was only cars, gee, the possibilities are endless!

Now, I want to find out. I’m starting a thread.

We walked down to the boat dock. On the way down I made the crew stop and turn around. The Wilderness Lodge is absolutely beautiful at night. “We HAVE to stay here next time!” Em told us.

“Sure, you are paying?” Del asked her.

“No, Wobin pays for everything, daddy. She has that funny paper money.” Em said.

Travelers’ checks! I am NOT a counterfeiter!

The boat was, and I quote Del “Asses to elbows” full of people. We all had to stand, squashed up with strangers, while we rode over to Fort Wilderness. Once the boat docked, we got seats in the back while people unloaded.

The ride over to Magic Kingdom was forever and a day because we got cut off by the Electric Water parade. By the time we actually got to the Magic Kingdom, it was late and we were exhausted. I took Em to the ladies room outside the gate and we walked over to the buses to go back to the Wilderness Lodge and collected the van, the cake and the beer tube.

It was a great day, but we had enough. It was time to get back to the room and hit the sack.

On her way into her room, Nikki stopped me by grabbing my arm. “Thanks mom. I love you” And gave me a kiss goodnight.

Everyone deserves a special day.


© Robin Costello 2005, All Rights Reserved

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Tony, Delaney, Connor - Love Ya / Mean It

Robin & Del, Kimball & Bennet (aka Delswife & Scuba Steve, Zurgswife & Zurg) are proud to announce two unique limited edition trading pins to benefit research to help find cures for Juvenile Diabetes and Muscular Dystrophy.

We love going to Disney World and writing funny trip reports, after all it is how we became friends.  We care just as much or more about helping these two great causes. All the profits from pin sales will go to JDRF and MDA because, well, Robin thought it would be a fun idea.

So if you enjoy the trip reports please chip in and buy a pin or two. Pins are $10.00 each including shipping and handling (North America.) Send an email to with how many pins you would like and we will get the pins rolling. The pins have sold out. Existing orders are being filled but we can't take anymore pin orders, sorry. There still Love Ya /  Mean it Pins (there were more to start.) 

If you feel inspired click either MDA or JDRF's logo or both and make additional contributions.