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LY/MI, Chapter 2, Meet Wobbles

At the crack of ‘holy crap, it’s early’ the phone rang and it was Mickey. Del and I got up and started to get dressed while I kept my ears open for the sound of an air horn.


A half hour later I called next door to see if the kids were up. (Note: I know Curt is almost 21 years old, but so is my son. In my eyes they are still kids and will be referred to as such, so deal with it)

Em answered the phone and said that Curt and Nikki were going to head to the food court to get breakfast and asked if we wanted anything. What I wanted was to know if Nikki blasted the air horn to wake them up.

She didn't.


Because she loves Curt and thought that would be a mean thing to do to him.

(Eye rolls inserted here)

It’s new love, in a couple years she will get over that and be back to the whistle-blowing sweetheart we all know and love.

Nikki and Curt came back with breakfast to eat in our room and told us it was already warm outside. There wasn’t a lot I could do about that but worry, so I did that.

I look at that picture and can almost hear Bea freaking out because they are sitting on the bedspread. Bea, when we stay in hotels, immediately strips the bedspreads off the beds and jams them into the corner, piles suitcases on them then takes a hot shower. To her, there is nothing more disgusting than a bedspread in a hotel. I agree, but without her, those things get over looked.

They wouldn’t sit outside on the ground with me at Logan airport because people spit on the ground?

We finished breakfast at about 8:30 AM and headed out for the Magic Kingdom. We walked out to the parking lot into a sea of caravans. Having just met our caravan the night before, we weren’t familiar with it yet. Last time, when we kept losing the stupid van, I would push the horn button on the key ring to make the horn blow. Hit the button again and the horn would stop.

This key ring was defective. I hit the horn button, made the horn blow, hit it again to make it stop, but…


“Okay, we know where it is, cut it out.” Del said to me.

I couldn’t. I went from pushing the button, to squeezing the sweet hell out of it, but the horn wouldn’t stop.

The five of us took off on a dead run to the van. I jumped into the van to turn the key, praying to G-d it would make it stop.

It did stop and so did a security guard. He had pulled his little buggy up in front of the van while the horn was blowing, watched all of us running across the lot and just sat there so I couldn't pull out of the parking spot.

“That’s an awful lot of noise first thing in the morning.” He said to me when I got back out of the van to see what he wanted.

“I know and I’m sorry. The horn wouldn’t stop. It won’t happen again.” I said to him.

“You know there are people here on vacation, they might still be sleeping.” He said in a voice that sounded like I was in some serious trouble.

Do I look like I work here? I am wearing shorts, a tee shirt, carrying a back pack, traveling with 4 family members, what could my job possibly be? It’s 8:30 in the morning, am I late for work?

“Well, there were 5 of us running across the parking lot in 80 degree heat trying to stop it. I’m getting older, I’m a heavy smoker and I’m over weight according to the American council of something else to make you feel bad about yourself, so in reality I think I just actually risked my life for this stupid horn. I said I was sorry, I’m not sure what else you need from me.” I said to him waiting for him to move his stupid buggy out of the way.

You want to hear some noise, buddy? Come back to Nikki’s room, I have an air horn I’d like to introduce you too.

Before we left on our trip, I posted a thread on the Lodge about the English (British?) slang word ‘Cheeky’. I didn't know what it meant, but liked the word and wondered if it was something that I would want to aspire to be.

Make sure you go to page two and see what meuseman and Dan did. It is so cool!

So far, that was the best I could do.

Rent a cop sat there for another moment to scowl at me before finally driving away.

On the drive over to the TTC I became ‘Wobin the twoublemaker’.

I parked the van in the lot at the TTC just as the tram pulled up. “Hurry! Get in front of the sign so I can take the picture!” I yelled at the crew.

This was the first of my times Curt looked confused. “She wants a picture of the sign?” He asked Nikki.

I guess to someone who hasn’t walked 47 miles around a parking lot, wondering if you are in the right parking lot at all and if it holds your invisible van, this would seem like an odd thing to do.

When we learn a lesson, it sticks. Note Curts’ confused thumbs up and Dels’ shoulder just behind him. I think he is demonstrating ‘three people to the left’ without the three people.

The parking lot tram has one set of seats in the front of each car that face each other. When we got on, Curt and Del ended up sitting face to face with each other which ended up being a problem. They tried for a second to figure out how their legs were going to be, first one of them spreading their knees apart so the other one could put their knees together between them THEN trying to work out some kind of a ‘knee weave’ thing before Del stood up, grabbed Em and hauled her over to sit in front of Curt.

“Let’s never let that happen again, okay?” Del said to Curt, who readily agreed.

I tried to get us to the Magic Kingdom for the rope drop. We missed it by 10 minutes. We used to miss it by several hours, so I was feeling pretty successful anyway. We went through the turnstiles without having to do the finger thing. (I don’t know why, we just didn't. I had to say that 4 times to the crew. Just because I come here a lot and only seem to have friends that are Disney nuts like me, doesn’t mean I always have a clue.)

When we walked under the train station and stepped onto Main St. for the first time, the sights, the smells and the sounds hit me in the heart like a train wreck. The harder I tried to not cry, the worse I got. I really missed Chris and Bea. I thought I would be okay, but I was so wrong.

I had my sunglasses on and was trying to avoid eye-contact with the crew, but Nikki saw a tear run down my face.

“Mumma! Oh, poor mumma!” She yelled and wrapped herself around me like a blanket. I fell apart for a second, but started laughing when Em joined in, wrapping herself around the lower part of my body trying desperately to not touch my butt with her face.

To my left, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a cast member standing there watching us. She was smiling and gave me a little nod like she understood. She was working the pin cart right at the entrance, so I have to assume that people must fall apart there everyday.

“If we don’t stop, Del is going to dog-hump me right here.” I told the girls who let go of me and pushed me away like I was suddenly covered in slime.

He has done that to me in every public place imaginable. They have witnessed it and choose to avoid it whenever possible. He once did it to my son Chris in isle 12 of the supermarket, to Chris’ absolute horror. Quite possibly the funniest thing I ever saw him do.

I pulled myself together and we headed into Tomorrow Land to get a fast pass for Space Mountain then jumped in line for Buzz Light-year. This was Curts’ first time and I think he enjoyed some of it.

Okay, let me just quickly note here that we spent almost two weeks with Curt and did get a chance to know him. He really fits in with us and has a fantastic sense of humor. I totally love this boy and am thrilled he loves my daughter. We had a great time with him and really enjoyed having him along. Anything I say about Curt is meant to be funny and said with love.

When I say he enjoyed most of Buz Light-year, I mean everything but the moving sidewalk that you need to negotiate to get into the car.

Nikki and Curt were behind me when we were getting into the cars. Curt had never been on Buz Light-year before and was looking around at the ride instead of down at the sidewalk and almost fell.

If I were to be a cast member at Disney, I would want to work an attraction that has a moving sidewalk. I bet that never gets old, watching people wobble and do half splits while trying to catch themselves.

Curt wobbles on everything that has a moving sidewalk. You have to tell him the sidewalk moves even if he has been on it before. Nikki would warn him but most times he would still wobble.

If I hadn’t been so dehydrated from the heat, I might have pee’d a little from laughing.

Em went in her own car; Del and I were in the one behind her followed by ‘wobbles’ and the commando.

I was trying to take pictures with both my camera and cell phone, plus balance my video camera when Del thought spinning the car and making me twist around like a contortionist would be entertaining.

He was just asking for another phone licking.

This next little tidbit of information is going to totally horrify at least two members of our crew. This will be the very first they hear of this.

After we got off Buz for the second time, with a couple wobbles from Curt on the moving sidewalk when I realized nobody in our family had pee’d.

Can you hear Commando Nikki screaming from where you are?

I paid attention to that. I’m a mom; we do those kinds of things.

Heat is something you have to survive. I did research on surviving the heat before we left. I knew the signs of dehydration and was keeping a careful eye out for it.

I bought 2 big bottles of water for Del, me, Curt & Nikki and a little bottle for Em. I wanted to be able to see exactly how much Em was drinking because she is the little kid and they can’t handle the heat like adults. The faces being made by Del and Nikki are from being spoiled by drinking only flavored water.

The lines all around us were growing for everything except the Carousel of Progress. Sitting in some nice air conditioning singing ‘It’s a great big beautiful tomorrow…’ while waiting for the crew to pee seemed like a dandy idea.

This is another attraction that I have a lot of sentimental love for. My dad loved ‘It’s a Small World’ but my mom adores the Carousel of Progress and the Timekeeper. My mom is still alive, but because of her health, she’ll never be able to come to Disney again. It was the one attraction she insisted we go on, so we watched it for her.

It was hard not to video tape it. I really wanted to bring it home for her, but I chickened out.

If Disney ever wanted to sell the inside of some of their attractions on DVD, I would be the first in line for ‘Carousel’ and ‘Mickey’s philharmonic’, Bea’s favorite attraction.

When we came out of Carousel, (with Curt and Nikki stopping for a kiss) it had gotten a lot hotter outside. Our fast passes weren’t good for Space Mountain yet so we took a ride on the Tomorrowland Transit A…

Huh, I don’t know what it is. I’ve called it the People Mover my entire life, so I’m not going to change that now. You’ll have to adjust to that, sorry.

To get on to the People Mover, you have to use a moving sidewalk. I think Curt was questioning Nikki on just how many moving sidewalks Disney had. This was only the third attraction we had been on and he already had to deal with and wobble on two of them.

There was a lady a few cars ahead of us that kept sticking her hand out to try and ‘high five’ people in the other trains as they passed by us. I guess nobody in the passing trains was looking to have their arms ripped off at the shoulder. It was getting hotter out and the breeze from the ride felt great. I thought to myself, if she ends up getting this train stopped because of her stupidity, I’m going to high five her straight in the forehead.

The heat makes me a little ‘cheeky’.

We got off the people mover, still unable to use our fast passes for Space Mountain so we wandered over to Mickey’s Philharmonic. On the way over, Em gave Nikki and Curt a hard time about the ‘every 15 seconds we have to kiss’ thing. She kept trying to push herself between them and Nikki threatened to drown her with the ½ inch of water left in her bottle.

Mickey’s Philharmonic is Bea’s favorite attraction. All through the show, she quietly sings along and ‘chair dances’, looking left, looking right (Lion King), jazz hands while under the sea (The Little Mermaid), tipping her head towards me and lowering her voice as she introduces our dinner (Beauty and the Beast), throwing her head back because ‘you can fly, you can fly, you can FLY!’ (Peter Pan), swinging her feet back and forth while we discover ‘a whole new world’ (Aladdin). She just has a great time in there.

Nikki knew I was missing my baby girl. She wasn’t shocked when she saw tears on my checks. She did a fabulous job filling in for her baby sister. We did it together and had a wonderful hug after the show.

I only cry one more time on a ride, but that would be later in the evening. Once I have the initial cry out of my system, I’m okay.

When we exited Mickey’s the crowds was unreal. I had popped into the gift shop to see if they sold the sound track to the show (they don’t) and when I came out, I had lost my entire family.

Not a problem, just stand still and listen. They have a way of making themselves known.

“Ack! No skin-to-skin contact!” I heard Del yell. They were standing next to an ice cream cart so I bought Em a Mickey bar.

Nikki and Curt stopped for a kiss in Fantasyland because her prince had come.

It was getting closer to noon time. We thought we would take a ride on the Haunted Mansion, but the line was almost into Fantasyland. We kept going, thinking maybe we could get on one of the mountains, Splash or Railroad.

We were still playful, but slowing down. We bought more water and Nikki volunteered to get fast passes for Splash while I looked for some shade. I was starting to feel pretty crummy and my head started to pound. The fast passes Nikki collected wouldn’t be good until later that afternoon.

I was standing next to the fast pass machines for Big Thunder Railroad because it was the closest shade I could find when Del came over and asked me if I was okay. I thought I was until I went to answer him and almost threw up.

Time to go.

We started toward the exit and passed the Pirates of the Caribbean. There was no line for that at all. I think the god of heat took pity on me, knowing I wouldn’t make it to the exit without either passing out or throwing up and offered me a place to sit for a few minutes that was cool and shaded.

By the time we got to “We’s wants da redhead!” I was feeling tip-top again.

We exited the ride and Curt had a wobble. There is a moving sidewalk that takes you out of the ride. I’m confident Nikki can name all the moving sidewalks in Disney.

So, as a reminder, the Pirates of the Caribbean is a good place to go for people that may be suffering from heat exhaustion.

Just watch out for the moving sidewalk.

That heat exhaustion sneaks right up on you. I was a little pissed. I thought I had done careful research, but here I was on our first day, already getting sick. Em finished her bottle of water and I got her another. I think heat exhaustion waits until you aren’t carrying a bottle of water to attack. I wasn’t taking any chances anymore.

On the way to Main St. Em and I stopped for a squirt. She and I were the only ones who took advantage of the cool stations.

The crew and I walked back to Main St. and passed Casey’s hotdogs. Outside was a piano player banging out a happy tune. He was wearing a long sleeved shirt that looked like the old barber shop or old baseball uniform. I’m not sure which it was because I wasn’t alive back then, no matter what my kids tell you.

We took a short cut through the gift shops to steal the air conditioning and exited out the Emporium where we were greeted by dancers who had just stepped off the trolley.

They were wearing long sleeved costumes and dancing in front of the trolley.

I have come to the conclusion that Disney is trying to kill off their employees.

On the way out the exit, hordes of people were pouring into the turnstiles. In all the years I have been to Disney, I had never seen anything like it. It was the first time in my life I was actually happy to be leaving the Magic Kingdom.

I never thought that would happen to me, but I have never been there in the summer before either.

We made our way back to Pop Century. As we walked towards our rooms, I noticed something in the windows.

“Towel animals! OMG! We got towel animals!” I screamed when I realize what they were.

The crew stopped in their tracks, not because of a shared excitement about towel animals, because they were afraid I had just lost my mind from the heat and they were going to have to commit me.

They didn't know what airline we were flying home on. Committing me could be a problem.

“What is your mother so excited about?” Curt asked Nikki. She shrugged her shoulders and looked at Del who just stood there looking at me with one eyebrow raised. “Are you okay? Are you going to make it or what?” He asked me on behalf of the rest of them.

“Towel animals! Don’t you understand? All the trips I have made to Disney, I have never gotten towel animals.” I said, pointing at the windows, totally thrilled with our surprise.

Em was the only one who shared my excitement over towels being formed into fun shapes. The rest of them just kind of rolled their eyes at me.

I called my brother and told him. He wasn’t excited about it either.

What’s the matter with these people?

After the excitement of the towel animals calmed down, we decided to take a swim in the pool and cool off. Before leaving the room, I turned the air conditioning to 69 degrees. Seemed like a brilliant idea at the time, I was so hot. But come back to that in a wet bathing suit and you’re in for a shock. “My nipples are harder than Chinese arithmetic!” Del said when we got back to the room.

“Wobin! Wobin, can you do this?” Em asked me and held her nose to do a forward flip in the water. I held my nose and did a forward flip too.

“Okay, but can you do this?” She asked, held her nose and did a handstand in the water. I held my nose and did a handstand too.

“Not bad, but can you do this?” Em asked as she held her nose and did a back flip in the water. I held my nose, started a back flip and pulled an ass muscle.

Do you have any idea just how huge an ass muscle is? I can’t see my ass and had no idea until that moment how big it really is.

“I’m done. I’m not playing anymore.” I said holding my enormous sore ass muscle and leaving the pool.

Once we cooled off we found ourselves starved to death. Em was claiming she was about to become a shadow of her former self so we went to the food court to get a snack.

It felt like 30 degrees in the food court in wet bathing suits. I was the only one who was happy about that.

We went back to the rooms to eat, and then fought a nap and the nap won.

A couple hours later after a much needed rest, we were up, showered, re-dressed and headed back to the Magic Kingdom for our dinner reservations at the Liberty Tree Tavern.

Once we were back in the parking lot, I decided to risk it and pushed the lock button on the key ring. I avoided the red button that caused me so much trouble earlier in the morning. We all took a stance, ready to run just in case that button was defective too.


Then glorious silence.

I wouldn’t have to be arrested by rent-a-cop for disturbing the piece.

We made our way back to the Magic Kingdom, entering the park just as they were finishing the flag ceremony.

I started to walk towards Main St. when I was being pulled backwards by my backpack. “The train is this way.” Del said as he was trying to re-direct me.

Del loves the train, he even knows exactly when the recording “Well, howdy partner...” is going to play. It’s not that I deliberately try to deprive him of a train ride, its just I forget it is there. It’s strange how some things, after you have seen the so many times, start to blend into the scenery. That is why it is important to occasionally take new people to the parks. They sometimes re-show you things.

We exited the train at the first stop in Frontier Land much to Dels disappointment. The crew used their fast passes for Splash Mountain and I went to grab fast passes for Big Thunder Railroad and make some phone calls. True, I get reception inside the ride, but I wanted to talk privately to some friends and was still feeling a little wiped out from my problems earlier in the day.

After their near-death fall over a water fall disguised as a gentle ride through a briar patch, the crew was ready to eat.

The Liberty Tree Tavern is one of our favorite places to eat. We eat there at least once every trip. In the middle of our meal, the crew was begging to come back one more time before we left. I love the salad dressing, Nikki loves the homemade cranberry sauce (you have to ask for that), Del loves the meat (all you care to eat, heaven to a man), and Em loves the butter.

Yes, the butter. They make it themselves; it’s a honey-butter and it is very good. We had to let Em have a dish to herself because she kept sticking her finger in it. Del told her to use her knife, so she did, she buttered her hand.

Nikki sticks her finger in other places.

After a fantastic meal, we were ready to hit some rides. First up, Big Thunder Railroad.

I guess I have to explain the hand gestures. If you are reading this out-loud in mixed company or in front of children, stop NOW. It’s left over from our trip in December, it involves Chris.

Del and Chris like to tease each other. Del had written a note and slid it under the door between our rooms. It read “Chris is a wuzzy.”

Chris opened the door and asked Del “what the hell was a wuzzy?”

Del said “Wussy. You are a wussy.” Del had misspelled it and Chris spent the rest of the trip, laughing and making fun of Del because he had misspelled a word that rhymes with the word ‘pussy’.

I had slapped my hands over Em’s ears so much on that trip; it is amazing she isn’t deaf.

The hand gesture is a ‘W’ for wuzzy. Em doesn’t know that.

Curt had never ridden this ride with Del. He had no idea that Del screams like a girl on the entire ride. This picture is right after we sat down. The look on Em’s face was priceless.

When we all sat in the train, we raised our hands in the air and started screaming.

The people standing in the turnstiles, waiting for the next train because ours hadn’t started moving yet, started laughing.

Between the screams that sounded like a girl, on each different drop and turn, Del screamed something funny. Things like ‘I’m to young to die! Em is going to be crushed! I’m too fat for this car! For the love of god, we aren’t going to make it!’ But ‘Yie-yie-yie!’ haunted him for the rest of the trip. Nikki managed to video tape the entire experience.

A couple clips from my phone. They aren't great, but you'll get the idea.

By the time the ride ended, Curt was in near tears from laughing. We immediately grabbed another fast pass for this ride.

We eventually made it over to Space Mountain and finally got a ride on that. On the final drop, Del was caught completely of guard and yelled “Damn it!” You could tell from his tone he thought the ride was over and that final bump was a surprise.

We started to leave Space Mountain, Curt wobbling on the moving sidewalk, when we lost Em. She had been walking backwards on the moving sidewalk and I had to cram back between people to get her. I kept calling her name, but she chose to ignore me.

Are you kidding? Did you hit your head on the ride?

People weren’t being very cool about me going back to get her either, one guy stood in front of me, deliberately blocking me so that I couldn't pass. “Line moves that way lady.” He said.

Okay, now I’m going to get ‘cheeky’ on his ass.

“As much as I appreciate your assistance, I’m going to smack someone, you or my kid. Your choice buddy.” I stood up to him and said.

“Oh, I didn't realize. I won’t stop someone from smacking a kid.” He said and raised his arm to allow me past.

I really didn't know how to take that. I figured he was one of those people that doesn’t think kids belong at Disney. I had a kid to collect; I had no time for this bonehead.

I weaved my way through the sweaty armpits of strangers to get to Em.

That was not a highlight of my vacation.

I got a hold of her hand and without a word, dragged her to the exit where the rest of the crew was standing, waiting.

All I said was ‘Tell your father what you did.’ And Em bust into tears. Nikki who had seen the entire thing, applauded the performance of our local drama queen while I was busy wiping my back onto Del’s back.

I was going to share the stranger armpit sweat. It’s his kid.

“What are you doing? ” Del asked Em with his hands over her head like she was a hot stove he was trying to avoid. I think he was trying to think of a way to stop the tears physically.

“I’m crying.” She answered him.

“Why?” Del asked her, “You don’t do that. Why now?”

It’s true. Em rarely, if ever, cries.

“I don’t know.” She said.

“Can you cut it out?” He asked

“Yes.” She said and just as quick as she started crying, she stopped.

Her fingers may be tiny, but her father fits around them just fine.

Em apologized for separating from the rest of us. Del finally asked me what I was doing and I told him my journey to gather his child through the armpit sweat of strangers and explained I was wiping it on to him.

Not a highlight of his vacation either.

We wandered around the park, stopping for more water. We walked past ‘Snow Whites Scary Adventure’ and there was no line for that at all. I stopped short because I was surprised to see a ride with no line, causing Em to walk into my back. Her face bounced off me and she took two steps back to catch herself.

Good girl.

We rushed into the line, waving our arms in the air and yelling ‘woo-hoo’ like it was the greatest attraction in the park.

It’s really not. But if you come across any attraction that doesn’t have a line, you get in it and you are excited about it.

We finally made our way onto ‘It’s a Small World.’ I bawled out loud and I didn't even try to hide it. I don’t have to, and I don’t care if people stare at me. I still sang the song out loud and I’m sure people thought I was an insane, singing, blubbering fool. The outside of the ride looks different to me, but the inside looked the same, just ‘neat and pretty.’

They can change the ride, but my memories are forever. I ran my fingers on the edge of the boat. Did my dad sit here? Did he, at one time, rest his arm on this same edge? Did I, at one time, actually fit my big sore ass muscle on that floor?

That was my final cry. I felt better, got it off my chest and was able to enjoy the rest of our vacation.

After the ride, I went to the ladies room to wash my face. Em followed me in.

“Wobin, Nikki and Curt keep kissing.” She said like she was telling me the greatest secret of the evening. “I know,” I said, “What do you want me to do about it?” I asked.

Now, they were just giving each other little kisses, they weren’t mauling each other or anything. It was sweet; I didn't see a problem with it.

“Ground them.” Em stated.

Em may take years to understand that my ‘kids’ are adults and my ability to ground them is nothing more than a distant memory. I think Em was a little jealous of the attention Nikki was giving Curt.

The next ride on Big Thunder Railroad, Nikki sat with Em. As we topped the first hill, wishes began. It was a very special moment for the ‘sisters’.

We had had a great day and an even better evening, but we decided that it was time to start heading back to our rooms for the night. On the way out of the park, we stopped at the Pirates of the Caribbean for another quick ride.

I was sitting in the boat next to Del. Curt, Nikki and Em were sitting in the seats behind us. As the boat rode between the pirate ship shooting cannon balls at the land and the balls were splashing water, I turned sideways in my seat to say something to Nikki.


That is the sound of a small drop of water when it lands perfectly inside your ear.

Oh, my, gosh… I have dirty pirate water in my ear. Do people spit in this water? Will it cause an infection?

I tipped my head sideways and started banging on the side of my head. I’m sure the water evaporated as quickly as it landed, but eww. I had to try to get it out. I jammed a pinky in there and wiggled it like mad.

“What is your mom doing now?” Curt asked Nikki.

“That’s hard to tell.” Nikki said like it was a common occurrence for me to suddenly start beating on the side of my own head.

I’m happy to report back that if you do happen to get a drop of dirty pirate water in your ear, you will survive it. It only causes a small headache which can be avoided if you don’t beat on your head.

We left the Magic Kingdom, getting into a monorail car that smelled like pee. Someone had successfully escaped heat exhaustion that day.

We had exited the smelly monorail car and were walking towards the tram for the parking lot. Nikki suddenly slapped a hand over her eye and let out a scream.

What the hell? Curt, Del, Em and I were baffled. She didn't walk into anything; we didn't see anyone throw anything, what could have just happened? Did she just assault herself?

“Oh, my eye! A bug flew in my eye!” She cried. Curt immediately sprang to her assistance.

Wait a second, he is going to be a veterinarian, is he qualified to look into a human eye? Or was he looking to see if he could be of assistance to the bug?

“I don’t see anything, honey.” He said.

He was looking for the bug. Mystery solved. I was hoping he would find it; I wanted to see him do CPR on it.

“It was a hit and run, I tell you!” She said to him.

Sure it was, want me to beat you in the back of the head to get it out?

We returned to our rooms where Del accused me of trying to make it actually snow in the room because I kept the air conditioner so cold. “I have frostbite in Florida!”

Love ya, mean it, tough cookies.

Off to sleep for the next morning would bring another injury or two, gallons of water and an explanation to what Del is doing in this picture:

Copyright Robin Costello, All Rights Reserved 2005

The Gulf coast states could use your help. You know what to do.


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