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The Celebrity SHOE GAME!
Answer Cheat Sheet

c10.jpg (14027 bytes) c9.jpg (8598 bytes) c6.jpg (22311 bytes)

   Mickey            Minnie       Green Army Man

c11.jpg (12374 bytes) c3.jpg (13203 bytes) c12.jpg (7111 bytes)

     Chip           Minnie at AK       Goofy

celeb01.jpg (10966 bytes) P1010221.JPG (60694 bytes) c5.jpg (15568 bytes)

Capt. Hook        Genie           Mr. Smee

celeb02.jpg (6080 bytes) c7.jpg (6995 bytes) c4.jpg (24914 bytes)

Pluto           Daisy             Piglet

Really tough tick bonus shoe.

P1010094.JPG (22355 bytes)

Cast Member at the Entry to 
Pirates of the Caribbean
(I said it was a real tough trick question)

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