Guitar Dan


Guitar Dan

After the Festival of the Lion King show we bumped into a guy with a guitar. So we sat down to listen, well OK we started to clap along, then we sat down.

Now the typical Disney guest reads their commando mission map to the parks and rushes from one big name attraction to the next. They just walk right past entertainers like this guy and that is what most the folks were doing today. BIG MISTAKE.

Not us.

We s started clapping along and sat right down . Almost as soon as we did he started working stuff about us into his songs and we played along even more.

Delaney was wearing a Millionaire hat (mine she hadnít earned one of her own yet, but she would!) and he sang "No one is smarter than Delaney, (especially Connor.)" It was great. Particularly because Connor had been a little down and this was so funny he came right back to his normal self.

Dan made up a song about Kelley as the President of after reading her shirt. He twisted into a song about Bennet the Red Nosed Reindeer. We made so much noise laughing that he attracted a good little crowd. He riffed on school. He riffed on girls (Delaney) being smart and boys (Connor) being dumb. He picked on the rest of the crowd once they joined in, it was great.

After his show, we gave Guitar Dan a BadShoe pin. He put it right onto his guitar strap and improvised a BadShoe song. Remember the name - Guitar Dan, look him up his performance is outstanding, the improve hysterical.

Here's Dan
Dead Center of the laughter

We have a good friend by the name of Robin who writes internet trip reports. She says it is real important to look away from the show and into you kids faces. Here proof she is right. Smiles like this are the Magic of Disney and Dan's a sorcerer of the finest order.

Very likely the best show I have seen at AK.