Sorry I don't have a picture. My interaction with him was brief but memorable.

Connor is type I diabetic. He is very good at letting us know when he feels his blood sugar is low and needs some carbs. We sometimes even are smart enough to anticipate things.

Prior to going into Little Mermaid Connor drank our last carb drink - juice. We typically carry two or three of them. This morning he had run through them all so we figured his levels would be OK. In the Mermaid waiting area, we tested he was still low.

I dashed out planning on buying a quick Coke, plenty of carbs there but it was before the soda sales places were open.

Did you know that there were times you canít buy a soda at Disney?

I didnít.

I saw a CM, who I thought was pushing out a big cart of sodas but it turned out to be empty trash cans. His name was Danny.

Danny took me over to the Starring Roll bakery walked in the exit, because the line was a mile long and  interrupted the cashier. Next thing I know Danny is handing me a bottle of juice. He wouldnít take a dime for it.

I quickly fumbled for a BadShoe Thanks You pin and ran back to Connor.

Danny wasn't just a maintenance guy doing his rounds, by taking charge, he became a gracious host to an appreciative guest.

I spent the rest of the day asking various manager types if they were Dannyís boss and if not to pass on my thanks to the right guy. If anyone knows the Big Boss of Disney's MGM, let me know. I'll send a letter.