Dolores - Magic Kingdon

I am remiss in that I didn't get a picture of Dolores. She did get a nice one of us.

Dolores works the front gates. We met here the morning of Halloween. She was running back and forth between the two gate areas doing the front gate manager thing. Kimball joked that she needs a Segway.

Dolores stops, “A what?”

“You know those scooters they are demonstrating over at Epcot, you are running ragged. One would be great for you to zip back and forth” Kimball replies.

Dolores smiles. Everyone likes a little empathy. She cocks her head and asks, “Where are you visiting from?”

“How many of you are here?”
“Where are you staying?” She starts pushing buttons and turning the turnstile.
“Boardwalk Villas.”
“Would you like to help Mickey open the Magic Kingdom this morning?”
“Oh yes! We would love to! Thank you so much.”
. . o o O O (It is what we were born to do)

Dolores gives us some confetti, introduces us to the crowd, takes some pictures and we open the Magic Kingdom, most excellent. She says we can stop back and she will give us a Magic Moment certificate too, Bonus! Pin time!

Dolores must have been watching Emril 'cause she kicked it up a notch. When we stop to see her,  say thanks again and pick up the Magic Moment certificate she made us she was all apologetic, “Sorry you didn’t get to do the big open.”
“What are you talking about we had a blast!”
“How long are you here?” Dolores asks
“Tomorrow is our last full day. We start driving the next day.” we reply.
“If you could do the Big Opening tomorrow, could you be here at Magic Kingdom?” She asks
“What time should we arrive?” We reply. - were were early just in case.

Dolores had arranged for us do the big party park open. She was sick but called in for the crew to be looking for us. So we have more pictures of us opening the park.