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Survivor Longa-Walka-Hallway
Episode II

It is an early wake up for one of the survivors.

Kim is up at the crack of before real early and drives over to BWV to check in and get the resort IDs. (Last time she did this she ended up at AK, beats me how she did that but this time she didn't get lost) The plan is for Zurg to rally the tribe and get them to breakfast at the previously raved about Pop Century Food court, gift shop and casino.

This means another public shooting up of Connor but ya gotta dose the insulin with the food so more looking like a pusher. The gang wants to swing through the casino after breakfast so it is kind of an eat-and-dash deal.

Kim is back with BWV keys mid eat and before the casino dash. The rooms aren’t ready yet but the cards are up and usable as WDW charge cards, always a popular feature with the kids. Ha! We [a word that in this case means Kim] keep track and they have to pay their own charges!

The working plan is to drop the luggage and car with the BWV bellhops and take the much maligned BWV Bus to MK. We drop everything off and start to walk (hey it is Survivor Longa-Walka-Hallway!) to the bus stop. Zurg asks if ZW (a.k.a. keeper of the passes and trip planner) has the park passes.

Nope they are in the luggage. She heads back to bell services and just then the regularly badmouthed BWV Magic Kingdom bus shows up. Normaly, we get on a bus and sit down quick; we have been trained by Southwest Airlines. Kim is still getting the park tickets from bell services.

* The kids are instructed to board the bus in a slow non-Southwest way.
* Zurg fumbles with the stroller doing his best Colombo imitation.
* Kim runs down the driveway.
* Everyone makes it on.

The bus is empty, none of the social elite from the Yacht & Beach Club on board. The bus goes to the Swan and Dolphin and then MK.

This is a new route.

The Bus route is BW, Swan, Dolphin, picks up and drops off at BWV first Yeah! No more walking from the Swan. No more round the Epcot resorts and filling up before Boardwalk.

The Emperor is greatly pleased.

Today is the filming day for the big ABC / Disney Christmas Parade at Magic Kingdom. Two years ago we spent a day watching the filming of this event. Kim got in the crowd scene for about 1.374 seconds. (see: Here is a tip, when they do the cut away shots of MK on Christmas morning look to see if the skyway is still running. It was last time we* looked at the parade.

They are already at it filming away, or more correctly having a big crowd watch as they don’t do any actual filming. The kids were talking about watching but it is already crowded and the boys decide they want to see the new Stitch thing.

The girls want the boys to go first on Sticth first. We head that way and walk right in. There is some kind of commotion a little further up in Tomorrowland. Zurgswife takes the Camera as Zurg & the boys head into Stitch.

Stich isn’t great but he kids enjoy it. Particularly the chili-dog belch. It turns out the commotion is some blond chick form NJ. Kim got a picture through the thronging masses. [Throng: v. Press tightly together or cram NOT Thong: n. A thin strip impersonating underwear.] Seems she was getting a special turn in stitch. Watch Christmas to see her.

We do a quick Buzz Spin and split up, some doing Space Mountain and some heading to Pooh. Nothing particularly interesting there but as we wind our way around to Splash Mountain we meet a character we learn from CMs is named Beauford. I bet you a million bucks Beauford doesn’t make it into the big Christmas Day commercial… err… parade on ABC with the blond.

Beuford in his habitat

Beaford wins Immunity for the day because nobody wants to mess with him.

We decide to head to BW to see if the room is available. It isn’t but we didn’t really expect it to be so we walk over to Beaches & Cream for lunch.

Before we go Kim spots a CM in the lobby with a fancy basket of treats. Seems she had them sent to Buz & Mattsmom’s room and they just arrived. Looks cool.

Beaches and cream turns out to be one of those survivor endurance challenges. The challenge (W that is Challange to you) is to wait for a table, while the world’s least organized hostess seats people. She has a few groups waiting. We are in the number 2 position behind a pair. They are clearing a booth and two top. Should be easy right? Put the two at the two and the six in the booth.

They bus the booth and start in on the two top. (How long does it take to bus a two top?) She seats the two in the booth because it was ready first as they finish up bussing the two top. The hostess then has to skip over us to find two for the two top.

Zurgswife is loosing some of the shine form her naturally sparkling disposition. How hard is it too look at the room, look at that the list and manage the two logically? Apparently a lot harder than this person can manage.

Lunch is delayed until another booth opens up. We have a candidate for tribal council.

Zurg the pusher gives Connor his shot and we pig out. On the plus side the delay is long enough that the room is ready when we get back.

Zurgswife heads to the Winn Dixie with a shopping list. Zurg and the kids unpack. Kim is late returning so the kids have a little rest from the frantic pace of travel and gambling while Zurg seized by a dose of holiday cheer puts up a few Christmas lights.

Upon her arrival back at Camp she tells tales of being seized by Montezuma revenge in the frozen food section and getting up close and personal with the Winn Dixie facilities.

Tidings of comfort and joy.

Text and Photos Copyright © 2004, Bennet Dunlap


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