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Survivor Longa-Walka-Hallway
Episode III

The day was still young. The Aztec infirmity was, hopefully, left circling down at Winn Dixie, (we do try to keep these things off property.)

We headed out for more first day in the parks adventures, as far away as we could be from Beauford, he still looked hungry. So we walked over to MGM. Knowing of Beaufod and of grasshopper phobia we pondered a vexing dilemma:

To tell Wobin or not to tell Wobin that is the question.
Whether ‘tis nobler to put in her mind to suffer
The teeth and jaws of outrageous fortune
Or to stay quiet and save her a sea of troubles
And by ignoring them risk the lie: to sleep
No more; and by a sleep to say we end
The heart-ache and the thousand bug and reptile shocks
That flesh is heir to, ‘tis not a conundrum
Devoutly to be wish'd. To lie, to sleep;
To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub;
For in that sleep what dreams of Disney may come

However when we got into MGM, and had a show time table, we forgot about Robin’s lizard phobias. Our only concern was to get to Millionaire. We forgot about Beauford and were content to know that one way or another Wobin would cry when she got to Magic Kingdom.

Delaney is now tall enough to ride Rock ‘n Roller Coaster but she isn’t sure she is ready. The Emperor passes a decree that there shall be not talk of the matter or lobbying from the masses. Bribes, while a viable option and one always respected by the Emperor, shall be held in abeyance until such time as the Emperor (or the Empress in case the Emperor is not able to fulfill his duties as Emperor,) deems the bribe to have a viable chance of working.

For now we are headed to Millionaire. We are known there. Faithful readers of the Emperor’s tomes are aware of the Empires efforts to ingratiate itself with the minions who operate this attraction. After last Christmas’ trip we sent a thank you the Millionaire team, who have on their break room wall.

We sent a similar little scroll to some of the artists at the Animation attraction. Art seems less important to the corporate mice. The suits don’t seem to know where their empire began. They say it started with a mouse, but to the suits the mouse is a brand and franchise, a corporate asset. They have laid the artists off and yet assume creativity is still there or maybe that we idiot guest wont notice its gone, Yeah right.

We know art is a living thing that flows from artists, so we sent the artists a scroll to say thanks. We figured management wasn’t going to say it. We were planning on stopping in to see how they liked it.

The Millionaire show was loading and the kids have run ahead and into the theater. As he enters the building and is about to turn the corned and go into the show himself, the Emperor hears CMs talking.

“I know that family, they come here a lot.” One says. The CM walking out turns the corner and there is the Emperor, smiling please to have the Royal Family accorded appropriate recognition.

Olja is hosting. We like her, know her pre show jokes down cold and are saying them along with her, “...and each and every eye will be ON YOU…” She is a pro. I bet she has done this show a zillion times but she does it for every audience like it is opening night. IMHO That’s show biz class.

The fastest finger round goes to a Floridian. As connoisseurs of the game we know this does not bode well. There is a defined school of local sharks that play, much as the Emperor does, regularly. They often can stretch a game out and so limit the Royal Families’ chances of getting into the Hot Seat.

However this individual seems to have escaped from the local insane asylum as he tanks at the unheard of lowly number of 200. How do you get a question this easy wrong?

So much for being a shark.

The Emperor is sitting with Connor who bears the great shame of being the only member of the Royal Family who has not been in the Hot Seat. A blot both father and son hope to correct.

So far his answers have been correct but so have almost everyone else’s, at this level, and the Seat will be assigned by speed a phrase that in this case means luck.

And the Hot Seat is filled by…..


She will be making her third appearance in the Hot Seat.

The Emperor considers it likely that there could be a third player in the game as the idiot who went first tanked out early (all apologies if you’re reading this but the 200 point questions was “Who met a pie man going to the fair: a) Suzy Simple b) Simple Simon c) Someone Simple d) Simon Somebody - b) Simple Simon final answer.)

Connor is instructed to play seriously and not get caught up in watching Kelley’s game, she is only your sister, and you have seen her play before. This may be our first day in the parks but we are only here for a little more than a week, get serious.

The Emperor wants the stain one the Royal Family’s honor cleared up.

Kelley is doing well. She is getting them right and getting them fast. This speed will weed some of the weaker player off the leader board.

For 2000 points “What country’s capital is Warsaw?”

We are pushing Poland repeatedly, as fast as possible, before the last answer is up on the board. Kelley takes a 50/50. What the heck! I practiced these countries and capitals with her just a few grades ago.

She picks the Czech Republic. No. No! NO! That is Vaclav Klaus’ country! Didn’t you pay attention to the stupid Big Czech gag I had to do at the Fendertones’ shows?

(The shows were a benefit, we did a gag presenting a big check, first it was a giant check mark and next it was big picture of the President of the Czech Republic. Stupid gags but they went over well and we made over $20,000 for the arts in education. )

OH well she gets another hat and pin set and she was in the Hot Seat. Again.

And the top of the board is CONNOR!

Olja is making jokes about needing to be right quickly and be in Kelley’s family to get in the Hot Seat.

Connor gets his own hat and pins.

Mark & Jim from the show were almost as happy as the family to see the kids win and win the days pin reward challenge. I guess we'll give immunity to Connor & Kelley tonight.

I feel the weight of the family shame lifted.

Text and Photos Copyright © 2004, Bennet Dunlap

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