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We have made a lot of friends on the internet, on a number of boards. Unfortunately not all our good friends are welcome everywhere. That raises a dilemma: where to post trip reports where all our friends can enjoy them?

I need to post where all the people who have been there for me, when I needed them, can share the stories. So for now that will be at the Lodgeboards and here.

I ask that people respect my rights as an author by please referring people to where I put my work rather than copying them.

Trip Reports at the Lodge






Survivor Longa-Walka-Hallway
Episode IV

John Madden: Right here (massive amounts of yellow squiggles on the telistrator screen) you can see it! He is defiantly over the line as he is typing. He is gonna have to suck it up, that other author up in New England is the champion, if Philly is gonna have any chance they can’t be taking penalties like this right here: (more telistrator squiggles)

Al Michaels: Wait there is a flag on the field. One of the coaches is challenging the call on that last play and they are going to the Instant Replay booth for an analysis.




John Madden: Good call! I'm not sure I always like instant replay but that's a good call. Look he I'll show it again and again but I am still not sure I like instant replay, Yeah that there is a good call. !

Al Michaels: Right and now back to the game.

Jeff Roast: How will the rest of the tribe will react to that mistake and how it will affect tribal council?

Cut away of a Survivor: I am not sure how I am going to vote... There is a lot of tension here... I just gotta play my game… Someone is gonna get voted off soon and I am real glad that mistake was made because I can make an alliance to vote Zurg off and it won’t be me going home…..

OK! I made a little mistake.

The time line was off but the basic story remains the same and we’ll just chock it up to artistic license. You think all that crazy stuff really happens to Delsiwfe?

Yeah so do I, but that isn’t my point.

The point is we had a great time in MGM in the morning Connor and Kelley added hats to the Klan’s collection, we rode some rides, played around and had a good old time in the Studios.

Kelley wanted to take the boat back. Kim & Connor walked. We could see them on the path Connor was bouncing up and down, waiving his arms around like a nut and generally having the time of his life. The hot seat does that to you the first time. Then you want more…

Walking back is WAY faster than the boat; we got off at the Swan and walked back. Our room was WAY DOWN THE HALL. Kim & Connor went in the back door up the stairs and were right in the room, way before us. The kids were tired, even Delaney who is typically a spinning top of doom in the afternoon. They actually chilled out and some took naps!

Kimball and I took the opportunity to go over to visit the Golfers. On the way out we talked with Nancy at the concierge desk. We had PS at Whispering Canyon. The ZIA (Zurg Information Agency) was careful to make these PS on a day when our old pal Bobby would be working. Just in case we asked Nancy to call over to check to see if he was on. No point in going all the way over to the Wilderness Lodge unless the varsity is playing.

ZW & I walked over for a beverage at the hospitality suite being run by SuiteDisney & GenePA in the Beach Club Villas. What a spread! Good food, lots of drinks and funny people. The ushered us in made us welcome.

So welcome that Gene fed me some nuclear powered hot sauce, the kind that is hotter the next day (if you get my meaning.) But he did it in a friendly “let me help you do something really stupid to yourself” kind of a way.) Let me tell ya, this is the WMD stuff they were looking for in Iraq.

Glo was there. Glo is without a doubt the most accurately named person I have ever met. She glows with warmth and humor and the room glows with her, or maybe that was the hot sauce. No just kidding about the hot sauce, Glo’s great. LY/MI. Wish she was going to be around all week.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Tony in real live life for the first time. He had brought along his crazy golfing buddy Mark. Mark may have had a little head start on the malt beverages or maybe he’s just that kind of a guy but man he was funny, particularly when he was ducking phone calls from the wife. She was most likely (and knowing the company as I do, legitimately) concerned to have him hanging out with a bunch of internet freaks.

We had a grand time, other than the fact that my brain spontaneously exploded when the hot sauce hit it. Fortunately, Kim remembered we had kids who were back at the other DVC place ‘cause I was trying to drowned the hot sauce with great beer. Laura & Gene are great hosts, nuclear powered hot sauce (discomfort and joy?) and cold beer!

Back at BWV Nancy confirmed not only that our boy Bobby was working at Whispering Canyon but had made sure we would be at one of his tables. Now that is service. We gave Nancy a ThankShoe pin as reward. We also met Alfonso an evening front desk manager. We chatted pleasantly with him for a few minutes explaining BadShoe. Very nice guy, he didn’t even have us arrested.

Now we have had a few trips to Whispering Canyon. If you have been there you can see it is our kind of place; Quiet, Respectful, Understated – NOT!

Our friend Bobby wears a Tigger on his hat, so we wore matching obnoxious orange Tigger shirts as a tribute. We take BadShoe stickers and cover him with them. We make fools of ourselves and he plays right along.

We check in and the wait is about 25 minutes. OK we can cope. After taking Delaney to the restroom I realize – We forgot the stickers!

ZW and I confer. The kids are chilling - Delaney is still a little groggy from her nap. I have time.

The BadShoe stickers are a tradition, I’ll run back to BWV for them. I jump into trusty Zurgmobile (the single most booked and rebooked rental in the history of automobiles) and take liberties with the posted speed suggestions. Dash down the hall and back, my buddies at Bell Services didn’t touch the Zurgmobile and I fly back.

Some where along this little journey, I found a good radio station. Good is a word that here means real rock and roll (real old that is.) Once again I am considering the signs as suggestions for people who a)don’t know where they are going, b)need a map c)are reading it while driving d) all of the above, D final answer.

Have I mentioned Connor is diabetic - insulin dependant? What happens in a Type I diabetic is they can’t get glucose (energy) into their cells because their pancreas doesn’t make insulin. The way you spot this in your kid is they get tired easy, drink a lot, pee a lot, and sugar makes’m lethargic not energetic.

Connor has it. To get insulin into him, we use a hypodermic needle just before he eats. So if we eat out I carry the needle with me until - just before he eats.

Now for a variety of reason I don’t put it in my pants pocket.
1) It is sharp, and if the little protector fell off it could be fairly painful in a region I would really prefer avoid pain.
2) The plunger thing could get pushed in and the insulin pushed out in a region I would rather not have looking like I just peed myself.

Also I would like to save the insulin for the diabetic. These are all good reason why I carry the needle on my ear, like a pencil.

Jimmy Hendrix came on the good radio station. I turned it up, way up.

Let's review:
1) Loud Jimmy Hendrix.
2) Hypodermic needle on ear.
3) Rental car, near warp speed, approching Magic Kingdom Tool Booth.

Text and Photos Copyright © 2004, Bennet Dunlap

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