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Survivor Longa-Walka-Hallway
Episode VIII

Dialing for Boats

Well thanks for sharing all those wonderful stories of blowing chunks in Disney Theme parks. It was truly delightful.

The Ultimate Puke Hopper indeed!

Let all do what we did that day -retreat hastily from the barfage.

Like I said, we went up front only to discover that the PhotoPass guy with the fancy Nikon SLR some how lost all his pictures. Sure he did.

There wasn’t a suit to be seen. Kim went over to City Hall to see if they could help out. I took the kids out to the bus corral. We get a bus just as Kim gets back. They had offered to let us open the park again the next day so we could get pictures.

Nice offer. We’ll let someone else have a turn, besides we have plans.

The bus goes right to BWV. Have I mentioned I really like this new bus service? I really like this new bus service, goes right to BWV from MK.

We skip the whole long walk deal and go in the doors at the end of the hall. There are some forums where BWV gets trashed for looooooong walks from the elevator. I think the walk is a penalty for thinking inside the box.

The walk from the bus, across the drive and to the doors at the end of the long hall is about the same as the walk from the bus up to the lobby. Maybe less.

So we walk to the doors. Right inside there are stairs. They go right up to our room. It is the one with the patriotic red white and blue Christmas lights all over the balconies.

Did I mention out wit? It goes with out play. We’re survivors. Dim wits walk up to the lobby take the elevator and walk down the hall. We go direct. Out wit.

We had a bunch of lights in the hall too but had to move them. Boardwalk sent a group of Christmas Carolers to the door to ask us to take them down. Apparently it was some kind of a hazard. (Yeah right, probably some twit complained because they hadn’t thought of it and were jealous on their loooong walk from the elevators.) The lights sure made our rooms easy to find too.

Oh well, I got to give them credit for the creative way of asking us to take them down. I just added them to the Balcony Displays. I put BadShoe Stickers on the door to make it look different from everyone else’s.

The phone was blinking, we had voice messages. Wilderness Lodge Still couldn’t find Bobby’s scroll. Mustafa at the bakery wanted us to call. The FedEx with more diabetes supplies had arrived.

Mustafa left a message we should stop down. So Delaney and I hike out, guess we gotta walk the loooong hall way anyway. He gave her three very cool little pastries filled with whipped cream and topped with different fruits. He made them at home and brought them in for her.

Mustafa is from Morocco. He is yet another Moroccan we have met at WDW who is just amazingly gracious. I took the opportunity to tell him so.

We Americans have a lot of blessings, unfortunately while we like to talk about the melting pot of America, we have a nasty cultural streak of xenophobia. Currently we are very busy being taught in media to hate people of arabic decent. Don’t buy into it. Folks are folks.

One of the true blessings of our trips is the kids have met wonderful people from all over the world, the real one, not the Disney one, well ok both but that is not my point. My point is we meet people who confirm the basic trust in humanity and openness of youthful innocence. Hopefully it will be hard for these kids to buy into prejudice when they know nice folks like this, who happen to look a little different than they do.

Mustafa didn’t have to make cool low carb treats at home for my newly diabetic kid. He chose to. It is not because he’s a Disney CM but it maybe why he is one. He is a nice guy and a dad of a little girl about the same age. (I saw a picture on his desk. She’s a cutie too.) Being a dad he made two with fruit and, well one plain, because we dads never know what a seven year old will eat. Did I mention he is the head chef of the Bakery, a professional pastry guy? He is the head chef of the Bakery, a professional pastry guy.

The treats were good, Delaney let me checked.

This evening’s entertainment is an Illumniations Cruise with the Meltons. (That is send loud horn .wav files!) Here is how to get your very own Illumninations Cruise.

91 days before you are go to WDW:

  1. Charge all your cell phones.

  2. Program the WDW Play number into them all.

  3. Do the same with your land line.

  4. Arrange with any friends going at the same time for them to do the same.

  5. Assign a phone to every member of the family.

  6. Make sure the phones are charged again.

  7. Set the alarm clock to 6:30 eastern time.

  8. Exactly 90 days before your trip get up at 6:30.

  9. Get everyone else up at 6:35.

  10. Get them up again at 6:45.

  11. Get everyone up one last time at 6:55 and get a phone in their hand.

  12. Dial like mad from 6:55 to 7:00:01.

  13. Your friends should be doing the same thing at their house.

  14. You will get the. ‘We’re not open yet message a lot.’

  15. Suddenly you will not.

  16. When you get through, and push all the numbers right you get a person on the line.

  17. Ask real fast if they have illuminations boat left.

  18. There are only 4 boats.

  19. It is a crap shoot to get through early enough to get a boat.

(This is the closest that the Epcot resorts come to a real casino like at Pop Century)

We didn’t get a boat.

Someone said it “‘Cuz you gotta have friends.” Good point.
Our friends the Meltons (, horn .wav in the email.) did.

It is also good to have friends who run the boats and we emailed ours to see if we could arrange to have him skipper that night.

Bingo. Our friends have it covered. We should just broker deals between our friends.

Plan B – have you friend get the boat and sleep in. (Anyone believe my wife will ever let me do that?)

We have written about Jeff before. He’s a riot. Knows more corny jokes than anyone but he’s always looking for one more. Connor helps out. We groan, Jeff laughs.

We motored around playing Disney Trivia (yes we brought cards) and then sailed over to see the fireworks. These are some first rate seats for the show and no crowd to deal with, hard to imagine anything better.

Oh wait I think I have some beers here in my cooler, imagine that! It’s better!

Jeff has done this hundreds of times but he says there is a special holiday finally with some true excitement in his voice and with that he tells the kids to blow at the torches around Epcot. Just like that the torches go out

Illuminations is Magic.



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