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Survivor Longa-Walka-Hallway
Episode XII

A Wall Street Trader on Amphetamines

Robin walked off into adventure land and away from a bunch of cash. I gotta admit it wasn’t what I expected or really wanted. I wanted to do something cool for her and her tribe for all the fun her writing had brought to us.

I wanted a real cool way to say thanks. What I got was the realization that we have a really cool friend. 

We were off to see some shows and fireworks. The plan was to see Mickey’s Night Before Christmas stage show at the Galaxy Palace Theater.  We had been to MVMCP a few years back and had a great time goofing around with CarolA doing shows and stuff.

So that was our plan for tonight. See all the special shows and pal around with Carol.

Once you learn to speak southern - real fast, she is very funny, in a certain sarcastic kind of a way. Actually she is really funny well before you figure out what she is saying ‘cause she does that southern drawl at the pace of a Wall Street trader, on amphetamines.

I know that sounds like an oxymoron, southern real fast, but some how she does it and she is anything but a moron. So you get all these clever, stream of consciousness, observations, that are funny in their own right with the delivery of  Jeff Foxworthy but higher pitched and fast, like an LP played at 78rpm, (Yes I am old enough to remember LPs.)

Kimball is no verbal slow poke either. She can talk a few miles a minute too. Get the two of them together and they are telling stories (Disney, Girl Scouts, Disney, Family, Disney you get the pattern) at a pace that shatters the sound barrier. This is no passing sonic boom it is more of a continuous sonic roar.

Anyway the sound waves seemed to open up a walking lane, either that or everyone was going some place else because we got right over to the Galaxy Palace Theater. I have to admit I haven’t exactly been to a lot of shows there.  This was it.

I had to get Kimball to look the name of the place up on Deb’s for this trip report. Seriously, we are Disney junkies but I have a bit of a time figuring out what the Galaxy Palace Theater is. I mean I can figure out where it is from the name but it isn’t one of your top commando locations.

I get accused of writing trip reports without much ‘content.’ That is, I don’t go in for the play by play, price by price commentary. I am more in the Gonzo Journalism School, founded by the late great Hunter S. Thompson. I loved his book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. (Editor Note: at this point your fearless Emperor got off his butt went into the kitchen and got a beer, a Gavroche Flanders Red Ale and lifted it in honor to Uncle Duke. Rest in Peace.)

Anyway here are two official trip report commentaries: 1) The Galaxy Palace has hard metal seats and while the show was fun I got waffle butt. 2) Also the concrete is the same color as your American Express card, so don’t drop it with your annual passes. You may not see the credit card as you pick up you passes, like Kimball didn’t. End of official useful content trip report commentary. She was concerned, not for the lost card – she called that in, but worried about the potentially lost AmEx Purchasing Points until she realized I still had mine.  

The theater was filling up. A woman asked if the space next to the Emperor was free. It was and we chatted as she settled in. She had an Olympus c-2100, a classic ultra zoom digicam.  We chatted about cameras for a bit and it turns out she takes pictures for Deb Wills’ AllEarsNet. 

What a coincidence I wrote the digital cameras at WDW piece for Deb’s.

She was Dotti who runs the find a home for Disney Soaps deal. (

I gave her a BadShoe pin to pass on to Deb. Turns out Dotti is a big fan of Delswife’s and she bought a few LYMI pins. It got down to shameless name dropping, I told her Robin was in the park and she told me Deb was too. It’s a Small World may be down for rehab but it still a small, small world.

After the name dropping and the Night Before Mickey’s show, my gang headed over to get a spot for wishes and ended up in the middle of the All Ears meet. Carol and Kimball were chatting away happily. The kids went off to ride Buzz. What the hell I like meeting a celebrity as much as anyone else so I went and found Deb herself and introduced myself. I got a hug. How cool is that? Deb Wills herself gave me a hug.

The sonic roar had attracted others. It works like those ultra sonic mosquito traps, I guess.  When I got back there were four of them. CathyTX and TLinden had joined the fray and tried to hold there own but to be honest Kimball and Carol out talked them, pacing is everything.

I was clearly out classed and took short little camera walk.


I am impressed every time I see Wishes. This was no exception. As much as I like this shot, pictures can’t do it justice. It is worth a trip just to experience this show.


The big block buster parade was next. We headed over and sat in front of the shooting gallery in Adventure Land. We got there early and my butt endured the wait on the pavement while I laughed away with Carol. The kid flittered around like they normally do, veterans that they are the know to come guard their spots when the crowd starts forming and the parade herds the blinky toy vendors down the parade route.

MVMCP is a marathon not a sprint. I was fading but the pros (Kimball & Carol) kept the pace up and we move from the parade to the special Christmas Show by the Castle. We go there early enough to see the dancers come out and test the stage. I guess the slight mist in the air was enough that they need to hest their footing. I can blame them; I mean dancing in one of those horse costumes can’t leave a lot of room for error.

It was late by the time the show was over. I claimed the Kids were tired, ‘cause I was. We headed out through the fake snow and said good night to Auntie Carol.

The kids were a sleep before the bus was out of the Magic Kingdom bus terminals.

I settled my pavement sitting waffle butt into the bus seat.

We had to pack to move out of boardwalk and into the Dolphin the nest morning. Joy.


A great night.



I wish the bus seat was padded.






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Tony, Delaney, Connor - Love Ya / Mean It

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