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Survivor Longa-Walka-Hallway
Episode XIII

Bribery, Deceit and the Imperial Court

It is moving day, out of the Boardwalk into the Dolphin. Kimball heads over before the crack of dawn, or at least before the crack of coffee which is essentially the same thing. She secures a room. How she gets rooms at before the crack of quarter to coffee in the morning is beyond the collected wisdom of the web boards but she does.  

We have American Express cards, the Starwood Preferred edition. Unlike Kimballís mine isnít lost at the Galaxy Palace Theater.

By the decree of the Empress, I am to carry this card at all times 24x7x365 and use it in the course of normal purchases when ever possible. You see it gets it earns Starwood points. These points in turn get the Imperial Entourage a suite at the Dolphin on the weekend so we donít use as many DVC points.

The Empress has DVC and Starwood point management down to an exacting science. No doubt more computing power is dedicated to point management than was used to put a man on the moon.

She likes the stay at the Dolphin to extend the vacation without using more DVC points. A week to her is getting to be fly down Thursday night and get into the parks early Friday morning, stay through ten days and fly back Sunday night, preferably late so she can get park time in the morning and early afternoon.

The Dolphin has a nice room as hotels go. Very nice, in fact the nicest hotel space I have ever seen. Two nice size rooms, well one big one and one huge one that is part living room part huge bed room.

Our view looks out over Boardwalk and the Bell Hop says we will be able to see the Illuminations fireworks at night. That is all well and good but I get down to business, in the act of slipping the guy a tip I  mention how much I like the soap.

You see the Swan and Dolphin have the greatest oatmeal frufru soap. Kimball is in the Dolphin to extend our vacation economically. I am there to collect soap.

The bell hop is to understand this as he accepts my tip. It is important to get the timing right so as to establish the proper quid pro quo. Mention soap milliseconds before handing the cash. Seconds later the bell hop is back with a hand full of soaps. Exactly!

So begins the bribery and deceit that the Imperial Court considers a vital hallmark of a good Dolphin stay. Suffice it to say that the Emperor collected an sufficiently adequate amount of soap to hold him over to the next Imperial visit possibly and possibly longer. 

ďWeĒ were pleased.

There are a lot of group sales going on this time of year.

We started off our adventures in at Pop Century. It was infested with cheerleaders.

We have been watching Pop Werner football teams moving about all week. They have their own fleet of chartered busses. Apparently they are an infestation at the All Stars resorts. The Dolphin is swarming with young Garry Kasparovs, Vladimir Kramniks, and  Bobby Fishers.

They are literally playing chess in the halls. It is kind of cute, yet sick and perverted at the core.

Who takes a kid to Disney World and sendsím off to play football, cheer or play chess in the Dolphinís 25,000 square foot convention center?

Oh well nice to know all these kids cheering, punting, passing, and playing chess in the hall will not be competing for space in the Rock ĎN Roller Coaster line or the Millionaire hot seat.  

One chess mom I talked to in the elevator, said her sonís team was one game from being in the football tournament too. She had been worried they were going to be running between football and chess. I was happy for her; on the other hand I am not that competitive a parent. About the most worry I can work up over organized youth activity is about getting my kids between MGM and Beaches and Cream.

We went to MGM and played a little Millionaire. This may have been the day Kim and I ware both in the hot seat in the same game. Ladies first but I got a shirt, small and Connor wore it.

Take that brainy chess kids.

After Millionaire we stopped in to say hi to David at the animation gallery. David gave us all a chance to paint cells, just like all those years ago when Kelley and I first met him. It was pretty cool, just like all those years ago when Kelley and I first met him. (Click for video)

We got another chance to draw at the Animation Academy. It was kind of bitter sweet and we cursed Gloria and her ancestors.


For lunch we headed over to Beaches and Cream. We were meeting Auntie Carol. There were so many things to find out: Would Carol still sound line a Wall Street trader on amphetamines after a late night? Would the same extra in efficient hostess be there and could she be any slower?

Yes Carol talks just the same.

Same hostess too, but even slower so Kimball was even more aggravated. Carol and I sat at a table and laughed and now that I could understand southern we made fun of Kim. Eventually we were seated at a few tables but managed to upgrade fairly quickly to the counter. The counter is where you want to be at Beaches. Itís a counter kinda joint.

We ate like pigs. Then we ordered sundaes for good measure. Carol was going home and we were sending her off full. The kids split tow No Way Jose between the 4 of them, Kimball and Carol had chocolate chip mint with marshmallow (I am not making that up.) I ate clean up, Literally.

Carol was going off to see her dad. We bid fair well to Carol, that sounds like a line to introduce a song in a Gilbert and Sullivan show but we donít sing or dance we waddle, like fat ducks.

We waddled back to the Dolphin and as we rolled our fat bellies around to the side door we ran into none other than Side Show Bob. We chatted with SSB as we walked, ok he walked, and we rolled. Making it Walkín Roll (LOL I kill myself sometimes) OK it wasnít that funny but we moved around the lemonade stand. He returned to his lemon crushing duties and we sought out something to settle our stomachs.

I have no idea what else we did that day; I think I was in a sugar coma. I seem to recall we went to see 7,000 people and Fantsamic. It is always entertaining to watch the line at the boat dock as you walk back after Fantasmic. It must take hours to clear that line. Walking is the way to go, not enough to wear off all the beaches and cream but still faster to get back to bargain for more soap.

They were still playing chess in the halls.






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