Breakfastosaurus Lisa


Breakfastosaurus Lisa

Breakfastosaurus was interesting. Some folks take the position that they are on vacation and that means no cooking. They eat out every meal which means breakfast is something like nineteen thousand two hundred thirty nine dollars.

Not bad for Disney and Breakfastosaurus is all you can eat.

Of course the kids donít eat a damn thing.  I stuffed myself to make up for it. This is a better value than eating cereal in the DVC condo, where what the actually eat costs eighty nine cents, because there were characters.

Like the waitress.

At first Lisa seemed a little loud and gruff but she was very attentive. For example I got some home fries so she came over to the table with catsup to see if I needed any on my home fries, she tripped.

Here she comes falling at me leading with a catsup bottle aimed right me. I see the evil red slime flowing out at my brand new, super cool, way too expensive, digital single lens reflex camera.

I am going to have to kill her.

Kim (who gave me my brand new, super cool, digital single lens reflex camera for Christmas) and I gasp. I am hoping the insurance she bought with the camera covers catsup.

Nothing happens.

Fake catsup.

Fake spill.

It was a gag.


Licensed Disney Characters come by; and that is cool photo op and all but none is anywhere near as much fun as Lisa. Ok She has our number and now we have hers. We joke breakfast away.

Right up until she sneezed right behind me and soaked my neck.

Spray bottle.

That was just hysterical.

We gave her BadShoe pin. She read the card and yelled said she had to show it to her boss. Next thing we know the manager is at our table chatting away and having a good time too. It was possibly the best reaction to getting a BadShoe pin we have ever seen.

Lisa we are proud to feature you here, you are a riot.