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Copyright © 2004, 2005 Robin Costello. All rights reserved.

Chapter 10, Day 2
Laura Had Balls, 12/9

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party was in full swing. We had our photo taken, said ‘LY/MI’ to the Zurgs and headed to ‘Big Thunder Del screams like a girl Railroad’ with Buz and his family and Laura and her family, Vicky and Eric.

We stood quietly in line and chatted politely with our friends.

Or maybe we didn’t.

Oh yeah, we didn't.

When traveling and visiting with your internet friends, remember they become witnesses later. Beckie, (Magic in my Heart) met us a few days later and still doesn’t know what she witnessed yet. When I get to that part of the story of why they were playing with a hot chocolate spill on the ground and taking photos of it when we met her, she will say “Oh is that what your crew was doing?”

The line for ‘Del screams like a girl’ was almost nonexistent. We pretty much strolled on that ride like the important AP holders that we are. While walking down the ramp, I thought Del’s head was going to bust open from excitement.

Given a choice, my crew would do nothing in the Magic Kingdom but go on that ride and Splash Mountain over and over. The ride itself is fun but hearing Del screech is one of the funniest sounds ever heard. It’s a high pitch ”Oh my god! Look out! Why am I on this ride? Holy crap! Whhheeeee!” repeated with each drop and turn.

We really look forward to it on every trip.

We found it is even funnier when Laura is sitting behind him tickling him for the entire ride.

Once we had finished DSLAG, (Del screams like a girl) we bee-lined it for Splash Mountain. If Disney ever decided to do a little remodeling, could I suggest just making the exit of DSLAG the entrance to Splash?

We were in line for Splash Mountain and Laura was playing with some little rubber balls.

I don’t know where she got them or why she was playing with them but after this, I think they will become a part of her packing list.

Del saw her playing with her balls and mentioned that he liked them. Laura, being a good girl, shared her toys with Del.

Del proceeded to put the little rubber balls under his tee shirt.


I’ll tell you.

So that when he went over the drop at Splash Mountain and had his picture taken, he could tell people that the water was really cold and make his nipples hard.

That’s why.

I know.

Bea and I decided to ride in the boat with people that weren’t going to deliberately draw attention to their nipples.

In the front row of the boat Bea and I were in were Buz and his son Matt.

In the next row were Diane and Eric.

The back row was Bea and I.

As we gently rode through the briar patch and came to the first drop, Bea and I noticed that Buz and Matt put their heads back and rested them back on the boat.

Bea and I looked at each other simultaneously. Did they know something we didn't?

So on the next drop, Bea and I did it too. When we went down the little drop, it was a rush.

Can you just imagine how cool it will be to do that on the big drop?

Do you think I can spell the word concussion with out spell check?

I couldn't.

We had bumps on the backs of our heads for two days after that.

Don’t try that at home.

Del and Chris entertained their boat by singing the real words of the ride. I found a website that says the words are ‘sure as you’re born’ but it sounds like ‘show us your balls’.

And Del was going to show Laura’s balls.

Once we got off the ride we split up. They wanted to see some shows and we wanted to go on rides. We made our way around the park, stopping at the Haunted Mansion to go for a ride in the doom buggies.

Del, Em and Chris went in one buggy, Bea, Eric and I had gone in another. Bea wasn’t happy not only sitting next to someone she didn't know, but because of the size of the buggy, (and the size of our butts) she was almost sitting on top of him. I tried to help her out and spent the ride sitting on one butt check, hanging on to the bar for leverage.

That was skin-to-skin contact and stranger danger to the extreme.

When we got to the end of the ride with the hitchhiking ghosts, Del and Chris started screaming because Em had disappeared.

They only do that because it pisses her off. They do it every time.

After the ride, I was informed by Chris that he also rode on ½ a butt check and was also hanging on for leverage.

Em had grown a bit over the last year.

We continued on toward Space Mountain not stopping for any other rides, Peter Pan, Pooh, Dumbo, because they were packed full of people.

We reached our quota of skin-to-skin contact.

As we walked past the wall that was covering ‘It’s a Small World’ I just had to put my hand on it. Hi Dad! LY/MI!

Everyone but me went on Space Mountain. I got a phone call on the way over that I needed to take.

It was Brother!

He said “I thought I’d just holler at you to see if you were having fun.”

I held the phone away.

He didn't really holler it’s just some weird Tennessee expression.

I wish he could have made it, but his work he is very busy during the holidays. I suggested he take up pizza delivery, we were busy, but any ding dong with a driver’s license can replace you.

He then told me he was going to holler at our mother and see how she was doing.

I told him it’s not nice to yell at someone who was nearly 80 years old.

He didn't understand. We had reached a language barrier.

I had to go anyway; everyone had just gotten off Space Mountain and was in high speed headed over to Buz Light-year without me.

It was obvious to me at that point that I was the only one doing head counts.

We spun on Buz, met back up with some of our friends again (Buz, Laura and families) and immediately lost Em.

I sort of freaked out and asked each of my crew where she was. When I say ‘sort of’ I mean I grabbed Chris’ arms and shook him, but I refrained from slapping him in the head when he said he didn't know. Buz was the only one who knew she had left with Laura and Gene to go on Stitch.

So it was just Buz and I doing head counts.

Next time I am thinking of tying a rope around the crews’ waists and latching them all together so I can relax on my next vacation.

We did a few more rides and our friends said they were going to go grab some hot chocolate and cookies and started walking toward Main St.

“Cookies? There are cookies? I need some cookies, I’m going with them.” Em informed us and starting marching off to leave.

Del grabbed her by the back of the shirt to stop her; we had to go back on DSLAG. We could grab cookies over there.

When we went to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party, there were trick or treat stands set up everywhere. They had big orange balloons over them to make them easy to find.

Mickey hides the cookies.

It seemed like there were only two cookie stands. One near tomorrow land where Buz, Laura and company went too and one in Liberty Square. Maybe there were more, but we never saw them.

The one in Liberty Square was hidden in a shop. If you want to know the exact location, you could probably find it on If you are like us, and didn't happen to bring a wireless laptop to the party, you could do what we did to find the hidden cookies.

(*Note: Like passporter, I do not know the people at It just another place that I really like and do much of my planning from and wanted to share with my friends. One of these days I hope to meet the passporter or people. Do you think this is a big enough hint?)

To find the hidden cookies you have to follow the cocoa cup trail. That is, people who are carrying cocoa cups. You won’t actually see any empty cocoa cups anywhere, not with those hard working CM’s swooping down and whisking away any evidence of trash in the parks.

The further away you are, the fewer cups you will see. Walk in a direction until you start seeing more people holding cups. Once the people to cup ratio is 1:2 continue walking until you see people blowing INTO the cups because their cocoa is hotter than the surface of the sun.

When you see those people, stop them and ask them where the cookies are.

They won’t be able to tell you, having burnt their lips into blisters; they will only be able to aim their other hand that is holding their cookie in the direction of the hidden shop.

Once we found the cookies, Em was still pouting. It was now clear that she wasn’t ticked off because she didn't get cookies with Buz, Laura and company; she was ticked because she just wanted to be with Laura and Gene.

Laura and Gene could have been on there way to the doctors to get a shot in their butts and Em would have wanted to be included. Laura and Gene are like the pied piper, kids adore them.

The CM behind the counter saw that Em was bummed about something and gave her SIX cookies.

Chris stood right up behind Em and stuck out his bottom lip in a pout too.

Six cookies for him too, that he turned and shared with Bea. Bea was all finished with being face to face with anyone she didn't know.

We caught a glimpse of wishes from DSLAG, and heard a second of the parade from Splash ‘keep your head up on the big drop’ Mountain. On the way out of the park, we stopped at the bakery for some more junk food and headed to the monorail.

All that sugar slowed us down; we were nearly the last people to leave the park. The bonus part of that is it made finding the stupid van in a nearly empty parking lot a piece of cake.

Ugggh. No more sweets.

Copyright © 2004, 2005 Robin Costello. All rights reserved.


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