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Chapter 2, Day1
Let me ass you a question, 12/8

The crew and I arrived at Pop Century in no time at all. Other than the screech that I let out at the top of my lungs when we passed under the Disney World signs and scaring the crap out of everyone in the van, the drive there went well.

I pulled up to the front door and the bellman came to collect our luggage. I wasn’t giving up the luggage just yet, we needed to change our clothes or die from the heat so I asked him where I could park while I checked in.

Later, after I checked us in, I had to find the guy to ask him where the van was.

Our rooms weren’t ready when we checked in. I hadn’t expected them to be, so no disappointment there. I asked the front desk if they could put my passporter in the safe until we got back from the park.

(Note* I just discovered that not everyone knows what a passporter is. It is the ultimate Disney organizer. It has pockets for each day of your trip, phone numbers for anything you could ever need, maps of the parks plus helpful tips and tricks. I don’t know the people of passporter; I am not a passporter salesperson. I just like to pass on information about products I like.)

My passporter was completely full, a little heavy and contained absolutely everything in regards to our trip. I couldn’t take the chance of losing my passporter.

Lose the crew or the van, the trip continues on. Lose the passporter; everything comes to a screeching halt. It was the key to the magic. It literally contained the entire trip.

You could almost hear a dial tone coming out of the front desk guys open mouth as he stood there staring at be with a blank expression. I now knew what I had put the Alamo girl through.

It wasn’t a good look for anyone.

He was totally confused about putting anything in a safe and had to ask the girl next to him about it, who in turn, needed to get the manager.

Is it a value resort because nobody who stays there has anything of value?

I finally got someone who knew about a safe box they could put my passporter in. It had two keys needed to open it and I was instructed several times not to lose my key or we wouldn’t be able to open it. “Do NOT lose this key!” was repeated many times.

They ended up losing the entire box.

I didn't know that until later.

Bea and Em eventually ended up standing next to me wearing the proper attire for Florida heat, shorts and t-shirts while I received my lecture on the danger of losing the key.

This day and our last day, unfortunately, would be the ONLY days we could wear such an outfit.

Before I surrendered my passporter to the manager (to get lost) I took our AP vouchers from one of the pockets. I have never had AP’s before; I was feeling pretty special about them. I even felt the need to deepen my voice and say to the manager “Oh, just a moment, I need our AP vouchers. Thankyouverymuch.

Just wanted to make sure he knew he was dealing with an AP holder. Making sure he knew I had access to Disney World everyday for an entire year. That’s right, me, the ‘pizza boy’ from Maine. Step aside please, AP holder in the room.

Can you imagine if I owned DVC? There really would be no living with me.

I was puffed up with pride over my AP vouchers for about a second and ½. The manager asked if I knew where to turn the vouchers into actual AP’s.

It felt like a trick question.

So I opened my mouth and stared at him. I was getting really good at that.

He was a very nice man actually. His advice was to go to Downtown Disney to exchange them. He said it would be much faster than doing it at the parks.

I didn't fool him, he knew an AP virgin when he saw one.

The girls and I went back outside to find the bellman and exchange information as to the whereabouts of the van for 11 pieces of luggage.

“Careful with that one, it has a pillow in it.” Del, thinking he was funny, told the bellman.

Love ya, mean it. Shut up.

After shedding many layers of clothes, we were ready to go to Downtown Disney and become actual AP holders. I am a Disney dork, I was excited about this.

I think this was the only time we didn't lose the van. From where we parked and walked straight we came across the Lego Lizard in the pond. Del thought if he started doing crude things in the pictures, I wouldn’t be able to put them on the Dis.

Which he is right, I couldn’t put many pictures there last year.

Welcome to the Lodge, honey.

Love ya, mean it.

(Insert picture of lizard here)

(Insert peeing in bush picture here)

Exchanging our AP vouchers for real AP’s was fast and easy. Using the AP’s became a problem for Del. All you have to do is, at the admission gate; you slide your AP in the slot and place your fingers in the machine.

Em could do it for crying out loud.

I don’t know why, but each time he put his fingers in the slot, it wouldn’t recognize him. He would then try squeezing his fingers together really hard making his face turn beet red. I guess he thought that only people with the strongest fingers was allow admission to the parks.

We had a quick bite to eat while we were there and finally, finally we were going to the Magic Kingdom for a few hours before the Illuminations party in Epcot.

I still hadn’t realized just how little sleep I was running on.


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