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Chapter 6, Day1
 ‘DVC, BCV, BWV, ABC, 123, 12/8

The Illuminations party came to an end much too quickly. Maybe it wouldn’t have felt that way if we had arrived on time like we were suppose to but I guess I should be grateful we made it at all. If Kim hadn’t called when she did, we might have easily slept until the next morning.

So my feelings are, should you happen to be in Disney at the same time as 50-60 of your closest friends, book an Illuminations Dessert Party and arrange for a wake-up call. It is much fun to be had by all.

If you don’t happen to have 50-60 friends, look us up. We will be happy to join you.

On the way out, Kimball asked me if I had received my surprise from them.

I hadn’t gotten a surprise; I barely got my passporter back. I gave Kimball a boo-boo face. Kimball whipped out her cell phone and gave someone a talking too. A boo-boo face usually leads to someone getting a talking too especially if you give it to a mom. The front desk is lucky I didn't tell her about my passporter.

A few of us went back to Laura’s place at the Beach Club Villa for drinks, snacks and loud talking.

The loud talking comes naturally with the drinks.

Not so much with the snacks.

It really should be common sense that you really shouldn’t do the loud talking during your snacking because you could spit food on someone unintentionally. That would be considered impolite and won’t get you invited back.

If you do spit on someone while drinking and loud talking, the liquid will evaporate and you can pretend it never happened. If the person you spit on raises their hand to wipe their face you can look at them like THEY are the problem, not you.

We were walking and talking with our friends on the walk back to Laura’s place and nobody in my crew paid one little bit of attention to where we were going. DVC (Disney Vacation Club) is uncharted territory for me. I am just learning the abbreviations for everything; I had no idea where the abbreviations were actually located.

Like my buddy Tony once said, we are the kids outside the candy store window with our faces against the glass, looking in. Lucky for us, we have friends that share their treats. My crew and I were going to get a chance to see inside DVC. It was really exciting.

The crew assumed I knew where we were going, I assumed they looked around at their surroundings once in a while, and we all know the old joke about what happens when people assume.

You had better have a cell phone on you if your entire crew is going to go around assuming crap.

Now, when I say a few of us went back to Laura’s place for drinks, snacks and loud talking, I mean 27 of us. On the walk to Laura’s Villa, that didn't seem like a lot. I think we may have been spread out a little bit.

Inside the Beach Club Villa was incredibly beautiful. It looked just like an apartment with a little kitchenette complete with fridge, stove, dishwasher and microwave. A place so classy, the toilet has a room of its own separate from the whirlpool tub.

The twister board at Pop was still cool.

Okay, maybe not as cool as a toilet in its own room but it is something we can do together.

No matter what we tried to tell Em, she believed Laura lived there. “I want to stay at Laura’s apartment.”

“It’s not her apartment, it’s her hotel room.” I tried to explain to her.

“No, it’s an apartment; she has a washing machine in the closet. We don’t have one in our closet.” She explained to me.

“Why are you in the closet?” I asked.

“I was looking for something.” She told me.

“What?” I asked.

“I don’t know I haven’t found it yet.” She explained to me, slightly irritated with my ignorance. Her job as an 8 year old is to look for things in other peoples closets, I should have known that. Sorry Laura.

Apparently she had been looking for Johns (YesDear) camera because as (step) mother-of-the-year the next time I saw her she had it. She had taken it over.

The BCV sleeps 4 people, but over flows with 27 eating and drinking loud talking people.

Kimball and Janet (Rwethereyet) had to stand in the bathroom to talk to each other because it was crowded.

When Laura asked Del if he wanted a beer, he responded with “Does Howdy Doody have wooden balls?” She came to the conclusion that he in fact, did want a beer because Howdy Doody is a wooden puppet after all. He and Chris made a bee-line for Laura’s balcony and claimed it as the smoking area.

While we were out outside in the designated smoking area, I got quizzed on who was who, who was with who, what were their screen names and how did I know them. “The guy in the shirt, is he married to the lady with the fanny pack?” I tried to explain everyone to them, but they left me no choice by to be rude and point at people.

“Okay, over there is Laura, Gene and Rachel. You remember them right?” I asked.

“Yes, that’s my buddy Laura, got that.” Del answered.

“And you Know Kimball and Bennet…” I started to say but was cut off with “Yes, the Zurgs, I know that.”

“Okay, Bu..” I started again but was cut off again with “I know Buz and Diane. Buz bought beer for me because I didn't have any ID; he also made me get an 18 pack, you never forget something like that.” I was on the receiving end of an eye roll.

Yeah, right. Buz MADE you.

That’s, by the way. :)

“Who has all the boys?” Chris asked and I pointed out Deena. (4greatboys). That became a small argument. In their minds, there was absolutely no way that one lady could control 5 boys alone.

Deena has very nice, well mannered boys. Boys that don’t do things like this.

or this:

“Now that is John (YesDear) and Janet (rwethereyet), they are married...” I started again and was cut off again with “Okay, we have to avoid them.”

My mouth dropped open. “Why??” I demanded to know. “They are my friends!”

“I might have offended them.” Del said. “I think they know who Howdy Doody is.”

I thought we had everyone straightened out and identified Krista, Alisha, Vicky, Jim, until we got to John (Towncrier). “He looks so familiar.” Del said.

“He should, he was at the Cape Cod meet at Glo’s. He also made the Badshoe nametags.” I told him.

“There’s something else, I can’t figure it out.” Del said, looking puzzled.

“You told him to have the kids paint a nipple on his head in Cape Cod, does that ring any bells?” I said.

It rang bells, he laughed and remember John after that.

We were having a really great time standing out on the balcony the looked at the Epcot ball, getting a chance to see some of our friends, making new ones. But like I mentioned before the drinking causes loud talking. Suddenly there was another one of our friends hanging over the balcony above us asking us in the nicest possible way to shut up because he and his family were trying to sleep.

Sorry Bryan and Mary, (Lightsaber and Zulaya) LY/MI. Thanks for understanding.

We felt bad about waking the neighbors and decided it was time to go back to Pop and the reality that our toilet shares a room with the bathtub. We were pretty wiped out anyway, so Bryan did us a favor. So, playing the part of Commando Nikki in this chapter is Lightsaber.

We really do require guidance.

Buz, Diane and Matt were heading out the door and Diane said we could follow them out, but Del hadn’t quiet wrapped up his loud talking with Laura so they left without us. Diane trying to help, I should have jumped at the chance.

The crew and I went down a very long hall and got onto the elevator. Once we exited the elevator, we saw a door and went out it. Outside the door was a statue of the little mermaid. I will show you this next part because I have recently learned that I am not the only one with a family member who has done this.

We may never be allowed back to BCV.

We started walking towards a parking lot when it dawned on that we shouldn’t be in a parking lot yet. I stopped short and Em walked into my back. “Wait a minute…”

“What’s the problem?” Del asked.

The problem was that while we were in the elevator or while Del was molesting the mermaid, someone had come out here and stolen Epcot. Why were we looking at a parking lot? Where was the bakery?

We were lost. After a quick and brief crew meeting, we came to the conclusion that none of had any idea where Epcot, BWV or the van was. Going back to Laura’s room wasn’t an option either; nobody knew where it was. “You don’t know where we are going?” “You guys weren’t looking around?”

Big bunch of assumers.

Nice, I had to call Laura and tell her we were lost in a parking lot.

When I called, they were in bed.

So let’s review, shall we? We had been inside DVC for what? Like 2 hours maybe? The crew and I managed to wake up and disturb not just one, but two families. That’s a family an hour.

Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry…


Laura had a good laugh asked us if we saw a lobby, (lobby? I didn't see a lobby, did you?), and directed us back to Epcot, BWV and our van.

That we immediately got into and went back to Pop Century were loud talking assuming people belong.

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