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Chapter 6.5, Day1
 But Wait! There is More! 12/8

I just went back and re-read my last chapter so I could finish up telling you about our first day. When I opened the thread, IT HONKED.

Incase you missed it, that was I have no idea how to make a thread honk, and I see he posted on it. I just know he has something to do with it.

Get him, guys!!

The crew and I were walked back towards our van from BCV to BWV via telephone with Laura. We went back up the staircase that is located just past the bakery, which was closed much to my disappointment, out to the parking lot were our van was located.

Before we had left Laura’s, Santa had given Em a little Christmas gift. It was a pillow of stitch. She has been walking around with it over her face, talking like stitch.

We were walking on a pathway that really seemed like the longest possible way to get to the parking lot when Del and Chris decided to take a shortcut across the grass. Em, who was walking behind them with a pillow over her face, followed them.

To be funny, just as the three of them got into the grass, Chris and Del took off on a dead run to the other side of the grass. Once Chris and Del got back on to the pathway they turned back to face Em, who was just strolling along like she was a DVC member with a pillow over her face, started saying “Kid on the grass! Security, we have a kid on the grass!”

Em stopped for a second, long enough to swing her pillow-covered head around to consider her options, and took off faster than I had ever seen her little legs carry her.

At least if she had tripped, her face would have been protected when she landed.

Bea and I quietly walked along the pathway and pretended we didn't know those people.

In the van, Chris received a phone call. I honestly don’t know who he was talking to, but when we pulled into the parking lot, he was still on the phone.

He was describing the hotel to whoever was on the other end.

Look, still on the phone.

Thus was born a new game, phone badgering.

Every time anyone (read this as Chris or Nikki) was on the phone, Bea and I would say this:

“I miss you.”

“I miss you more.”

“No, I miss you more.”

“No, no. I MISS you more.”

“Okay, you hang up first.”

“No, YOU hang up first.”

“Let’s hang up together.”

“Okay,” said in unison, “One, two, and three.”

“I CAN HEAR YOU BREATHING!” We said at the top of our lungs.

Then we laugh loudly and obnoxiously. Sometimes it worked; sometimes they tried to get away from us. Bea and I don’t walk around with pillows over our faces; we always kept up with them.

We got back to the rooms and started to get ready for bed. I opened the ‘bathroom stuff’ suitcase and discovered my blow-dryer was broken.

I said “Hoo-ray!”


Well, because I traveled with a lot of electronic things, blow-dryer, curling iron, cell phone, laptop, 2 digital cameras and 2 camcorders. Something was going to HAVE to break, it’s the law of traveling, and I was tickled it was only my blow-dryer.

I turned to the phone in the room to call mousekeeping and have a blow-dryer sent up when I noticed the light on the phone was blinking. Oh! A message!

I checked the messages and found out that the front desk would like to send something to my room. I guessed my surprise from the Zurgs was finally going to make its arrival.

I called the front desk back to ask for a blow-dryer to be sent up and was told that wasn't a problem but I would have to go to the lobby to pick up my surprise because bell services was closed for the evening.

Oh, goody, more walking tonight. I really wanted to do some more walking.

I went down to the front desk alone while the rest of the crew got ready for bed. The girl at the front desk told me she couldn't give me my package because bell services’ was closed. I guess I must have misunderstood when not 5 minutes before they had told me to ‘come down and get it.’

I chose NOT to wake up a third family for the evening. I was going to call Kimball first thing in the morning and tell on them.

I sighed and started to leave the desk, disappointed that I would have to wait to find out what my surprise was. I stopped and asked the girl if she knew what it was. “You don’t know what it is?” She asked.

“No, it was a surprise from my friend.” I told her.

“I love surprises!” She said. “Wait; let me see what I can do.”

She wasn’t gone long enough for me to conduct an underwater durability test on the front desk. She came back from behind a door with a candy gift basket in her hand.

W-O-W! How cool is that?

I thanked the front desk girl for finding it for me. She told me the look on my face was thanks enough. So if you need to thank someone in the future, simply have your jaw drop open and bug your eyes out. It’s enough.

I got back to the rooms and was greeted by Em who demanded to know what this was all about. It wasn't covered in any guidebook or on any website. Honestly, it's not the socks, it's the WALLS!

“Wobin, daddy was throwing socks at me and it stuck. WHHAATT is THAT about?”

I looked at Del. “She started it.”

“Did not.” She said putting her hands on her hips.

So, if Em is telling the truth, he ripped her sock off her foot and threw it at her. If Del is telling the truth, she took off her own sock and threw it at him; he just threw it back at her.

Shut up both of you, who cares, I have a candy gift basket.

We did test different things to see if they would stick to the wall, we are easily amused. We figured that if Disney didn't want us finding our own source of entertainment, they should keep the parks open 24 hours.

Little kid crop socks stick.

Grown men tube socks don’t stick for long.

Hair scrunches stick.

Stitch pillow doesn’t stick at all.

It was a great day. After one more round of phone badgering Chris, we finally we went to bed.



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