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Chapter 7, Day 2
 WHO pissed off the Emperor? 12/9

The phone rang way too early the next morning. This was the first morning we had ever spent in Disney without Commando Nikki and it was going to be a rough one.

Commando Nikki usually takes care of things in the morning, because she is a morning-loving kind of gal.

I am not.

Neither is the majority of the crew.


“Wobin, the phone is ringing.” Em grumbled from the next bed.

“Breffeter.” I responded.


“Wobin, it’s really ringing.” Em said again waiting for me to get it.

“No, it’s not. You’re hearing things.” I told her.


“Wwwooooobbbbbiiinnnn!!” Em groaned.

“Answer it then!” I said getting frustrated.

*RINNN (Bang!)*

Del and I estimate that the stitch pillow might have been doing approximately 70 mph upon impact.

Consider it answered, huh, Em?

You don’t have to actually hold the phone to your ear to hear Mickey ranting on about what a beautiful day it was outside and get out of bed. Mickey didn't even seem to mind that he was hanging off the side on the night stand.

Oh boy, Mickey is a morning-lover too.

Xanax, Mick, xanax.

Em crawled out of bed and started to get dressed. Del started moving around, but there was little sign of life coming from the next room. “Let’s get up! We have places to go!” I called into the next room. We were heading over to MGM to play Who Wants to be a Millionaire with some of our friends.

Bea got up with little argument. She dressed, sat patiently on my bed and watched the Disney channel.

Chris hadn’t moved. I sent Em over to see if he was still breathing while I got dressed.

I don’t know what happened in that room but Em came back into our room faster than the stitch pillow hit the phone. The door between the rooms was immediately closed however Em hadn’t realized it until she spun around and ran into it.


She was completely appalled that she was thrown out of the other room. She balled her hands into fist and let out a very loud “Well!”

Bea made herself more comfortable on my bed; this was going to be better than the Disney channel.

Em had started banging her fists on the door yelling “Open up! It’s mousekeeping! Really it is! Please! I have to make the bed or I will be fired!”

That didn't work. I don’t know about anyone else but I thought it might.

She ran to the nightstand and grabbed the phone. “Wobin, how do I call Chris?” She demanded to know. A ringing phone got us out of bed; surely it would work on Chris.

“Chris, this is mousekeeping, not Em. Really, I’m not kidding. You have to get up so I can make….HEY! He hung up on me!” She hung up and tried again.

Actually, three more times.

You would have thought he might fall for it eventually.

Chris had taken his phone off the hook, so she could only leave him voice mails. She ran out the door of our room and started knocking on his window. “Please! You must get up! I am a mousekeeper! I have to make the bed!”

At least she had found something to do while the rest of us got ready.

Del went outside and told her to cut it out. She came back into our room with a look of defeat on her face.

I gave her a room key.

I had too because I didn’t have an air horn.

Em ran outside and used the room key to get into the other room. We could hear banging and screaming in the next room but Del, Bea and I weren't concerned with the noise because that is the norm with those two.

Em eventually came back into our room, clothes and hair disheveled, and announced breathlessly that Chris was finally out of bed and getting dressed.

Commando Nikki would have been proud.

But it wouldn’t have been so much work for her.

That was

On the way out the door, Em threw a washcloth on the wall. It stuck for a few seconds before falling to the floor.

We went down to the parking lot, got into the van and drove to MGM. I am pretty sure that immediately after we got on the tram that takes you to the front gate, someone went to the parking lot painted the van a different shade of blue and moved it to a different lot.

I rented a van to make things easier. I laugh out loud at that now.

We went through security, got to the turnstiles, showed off our AP’s to anyone who was standing near us, Del squeezed the machine with all his might and finally entered MGM.

On the way to WWTBAM, we stopped to watch a street performer. I don’t know what he was doing because I was too short to see, as was Em. Em stood on a bench to see over people.

She got her foot stuck in the bench. Chris and Del were standing right next to her.

I watched Em for several seconds, fighting the bench trying to dislodge her foot and wondered how long it would take for Del and Chris to notice there was a situation developing directly next to them.

“Hello! Pay attention! I’m trapped!” Em yelled and took a swing at Chris.

People stopped watching the street performer and started watching Em.

This picture is from a different day, but she did seem to make a habit of getting stuck in the benches. At least in this one, you can see HOW close they were to her and that Del finally started keeping an eye on her.

While we were walking towards WWTBAM we spotted Kimball pushing a stroller at breakneck speed to the entrance. I think she was trying to catch up with Bennet, Kelley, Blair, and Connor who were slightly ahead of her.

I could tell by the look on Del’s face that he desperately wanted to jump in Kimball’s stroller; it looked like too much fun.

I’m sure Delaney could’ve scooted over and made some room. She’s the youngest of 4 kids, I’m sure she has scooted over before.

She may have required therapy after seeing Del’s butt headed for her though. Just minding her own business, whisking along feeling the wind on her face and suddenly some strange guy sits on her.

Gee, is it just me, or does the evil emperor look a little less than amused?

Zurg did stop to take a picture of Del holding the camera bag. That suddenly reminded Del of the last trip we took and I set him up the unexpected present of ‘things with strings’ while he went through security. “Hey! Why do I have this bag?”

That was the last time Del carried the bag. Zurg wouldn’t carry it either.

But that’s okay; we get Del later in the trip. Wink

We followed the Zurgs to the entrance of WWTBAM where Diane (Mattsmom), Matt, Laura, Rachel, Vicky, were standing patiently waiting for us.

Chris really wanted to get into the hot seat. My advice to him was to keep a close eye on the Zurgs as each of them had been in the hot seat. “All of them?” He asked with doubt in his voice. “Even the little one?”

Yes, even the little one and she has a name, Delaney. Rumor has it that Delaney doesn’t like the floor leading up to the hot seat; it is a glass floor with sharp-looking metal things under it, so being a little kid once I can completely understand that. She needs to be carried to the seat.

I really, more than anything, wanted to see THAT. I mean, come on, could anything be any cuter?

Kimball and Bennet gave Chris the secret of getting into the hot seat. Fastest finger; just push any combination as fast as you can. After that the key is to click the right answer as fast as you know it, and keep clicking it. You can’t hold it in, pump it. If it isn’t A, B or C start clicking D before it goes up and the screens turn on.

The game had barely begun when Bennet caused a scene.

With a serious look of determination he got up and left the building.

“Where is he going?” “Why is he leaving?” “Is he coming back?” “Will we find him later with his foot caught in a bench?” “Is he taking the stroller and can I go for a ride in it?” Questions filled the air.

This was the perfect place for questions; however WWTBAM wants to ask their own questions.

So, Zurg, do you have any answers for us?

["Zurg here, Yes click here."]



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