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Chapter 9, Day 2
 Big Space Splash Thunder Spin
, 12/9

Over an hour we had walked around 3 MGM parking lots looking for the stupid van.

For future reference to anyone else who happens to find themselves with an invisible rental vehicle, if you stand at the different colored pillars just past where the tram dropped you off, someone from Disney WILL stop and help you locate it.

I found out this little bit of useful information about 3 days AFTER WE GOT HOME.

The crew and I got into the stupid van and started driving to the Magic Kingdom for the party. On the way over, I noticed something strange while sitting at the light waiting for it to change. The stupid van was doing a little bouncy thing while we idled.

Okay, we may have a problem that I had no clue what to do about. I was looking at the gauges and everything seemed to be pointing to what it should, but what if they weren’t? What was I going to do about it? I could call AAA, but then what? Would AAA be able to find the stupid van? We sure had trouble with that.

I remember vaguely being handed paperwork while I stood in front of the poor Alamo girl with my mouth open, staring at her blankly. I wasn’t sure what I had done with it after she handed it to me. It might have some information on what to do if your stupid van started bouncing for no apparent reason.

I made a mental note to ask Kimball what to do; it seemed easier than looking for paperwork in a room that contained 11 pieces of luggage. If the stupid van was so hard to find, I couldn't imagine what paperwork would be like.

We arrived at the TTC parking lot to catch the monorail and noticed that at the end of each parking lot, there is a sign telling you where the hell the stupid van is parked.

From that minute on, we took a picture of the signs so we could remember where we parked the stupid van.

For the record, yes, I plan on calling it ‘stupid van’ for the entire trip report. It is shorter to type than ‘not a little, black 5-speed convertible.’

We walked from the van (Editors note: she forgot to call it stupid - LOL) to the TTC and got on the monorail. Em, who had been talking no-stop about nothing wanted to see what would happen if she DIDN'T stand clear of the doors.

She almost got a slow-motion karate chop to the skull from her father while he slowly dragged out the word ‘Nooooo!’

We arrived at the turnstiles with our AP’s proudly held up for all to see and everyone but Del managed to make into the Magic Kingdom.

He had actually grunted while squeezing the machine that time.

Something is wrong with his fingers, I am sure of it. I don’t know if they are crooked or if he is lacking fingerprints, but he was taking away some of the thrill of being AP’s holders.

Del and Chris were in front of Bea and me with Em taking the lead while we briskly walked down Main Street. Walking towards us was a beautiful blond girl who was in her early 20’s. She walked past Chris, stopped briefly, turned, lowered her sunglasses and checked out his butt. Chris also paused to turn and return the favor.

Ewww, ewww, ick! STOP THAT YOU TWO! This is Main Street USA, NOT a nightclub!

Why, for the love of God, did I have to see THAT ?

I deliberately walked into Chris to get him moving again. Enough of the pretty blond distraction, we had places to go.

I still had the ‘hee-bee gee-bees’ when we arrived at the Liberty Tree Tavern and met up with everyone.

Kimball, once again, had done a marvelous job coordinating everyone.

As we all walked into the restaurant, a lady standing at the counter wearing a red sweater said “Oh, my god! It’s the Badshoe people! I love them!”

I thought she was with us, just someone I hadn’t met yet, and she was being funny.

I asked Deena (4 Greatboys) who she was, and she had no idea but told me she wasn’t with us.

Cool, I was hanging out with celebrities.

And red sweater lady, you could have stopped them and said hello, they are huggers, not biters. By the time I had caught up with Kimball to point the lady out to her, she was gone.

Kimball moves quick, you have to keep an eye on her.

Em had left the crew to sit with Laura, Gene, Rachel, John, Janet, John (the other John, confusing I know) and I think Kimball.

Bennet and kids had their own table.

Buz, Diane, Matt, Carol, and Vicky were at their own table.

At our table was Del, Bea, Chris, me, Deena and her five boys.

Got all that? There is a test at the end of this chapter.

Laura’s table was the loud one and the one Em had ditched us to sit at. Buz’s table was chatty, but under control at all times. Bennet and kids were playing with sodas but also under complete control.

Our table was, uh, humm… Let’s say, it was protected.

Deena was sitting at the table holding her little one, Connor in her lap. He is a sweet, quiet little boy who has the ability to stretch his little body in a way that defies the human anatomy.

Let me explain.

Goofy had been busy making his rounds at the tables then he came to ours. I had been watching Deena’s little boy’s reactions with each character that had previously stopped by and knew that Connor didn't want any part of them.

Evan, Deena’s other little boy, was pretty much the only one at our table that seemed happy to see the characters. It was a table mostly made up of teenage boys.

Yes, I am including Del.

Del had failed to notice Connor’s attempts at invisibility by digging a hole in his mothers’ armpit when the characters came around. When Goofy was close enough, Del spoke up and said “Goofy! Over here, don’t miss him” And pointed at Connor.

Connor glared over his mothers’ shoulder at Del for a split second as to say ‘Dude! What in the sweet hell are you doing?!?’ twisted his little body over sideways, stretched an unbelievable stretch, and grabbed a butter knife from the table. He took the butter knife, bonked Goofy on the end of the snout and gave him a looked that said ‘Go ahead, make my day, you big dumb dog. I’ll butter your bread.’

It was so funny. And before any flames start, the butter knife just happened to be the first thing he had gotten his hand on. If the salad bowl had been in that exact spot, Goofy would have taken a bath in strawberry-vinaigrette dressing.

That would have been tragic, I LOVE that dressing.

It was a fabulous meal and we had a great time. I am hoping to be able to do it again.

You are all invited, especially the lady in the red sweater. I elect Kimball the party coordinator.

We all left the Liberty Tree Tavern together and went walking towards Adventure land to have our photos done. Kimball had tried to convince the photographer to lets us all have our photo done together, but we wouldn’t all fit in the space where the backdrop was.

Of course OUTSIDE we would have all fit together and would have had a much cooler backdrop. We were in Disney with the biggest bunch of camera nuts ever to own a mega pixel, Laura, Buz, both Johns, Bennet and myself, and nobody thought to take a group picture.

I mean come on! Laura has an entire website dedicated to Disney photos for crying out loud.

Now seeing where I can’t remember where I put an entire stupid van a few hours after I park it, I can’t be expected to remember to have a group photo taken the next time we are all in Disney together so we will have to elect someone to do that.

I nominate

My crew and I stood in front of the backdrop, smiled nicely and quietly had our photo taken.

Or maybe we didn’t.

Oh, yeah, we didn't.

If you decide to liven up your photos like we do, with your faces and fingers all twisted, just know that this confuses the heck out of the photographer. You will have to verbally communicate to the photographer that you are ready to have your photo taken. He has no other way of knowing that. Failure to do so, and the photographer will stare back at you with that ‘open-mouth staring’ thing that told you about at the Alamo counter.

Seriously, not a good look for anyone.

After the photo, okay, DURING the photo, Del and Chris started freaking out. They had been dying for the last 14 months to get on the ‘Big Railroad Mountain, whatever mom we really don’t care what the name of it is, it makes Del scream like a girl’ ride. I was trying to talk to Bennet and they were driving me nuts by pulling on my arms chanting ‘come on, come on, come on’.

See, the Zurgs wanted to give me something to say ‘thanks’ for my last trip report. They wanted me to have the profits from the pins to use for future trips.

My father used to say ‘if you never give, you will never have.’ I don’t need ride photos or room reservations, I need my friends.

And I know I have friends. These are the greatest friends I have ever had.

And much like my father, I will always figure out a way to take my family to Disney.

I wanted to give the Zurgs something in return to say ‘thanks’ for giving me the courage to write the trip report in the first place and for making the pins.

What better way than to try and help find a cure for their children?

Oh, and I have this friend Tony, who loves chips but couldn't make it on this trip.

Every time I look at my LY/MI pin, pinned to my camera strap, I know I have everything I will ever need.

Love ya, Mean it.

Copyright © 2004, 2005 Robin Costello. All rights reserved.

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