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Chapter 3, Day1
Farewell, my friends

I’m going to die; it was nice knowing all of you.

I barely lived through last week when the temps dropped to -15 below. The heater went in my truck and I got sent home because I couldn’t shiver anymore.

Not because I was tired of shivering, it was physically impossible for me to do it anymore.

In case you are wondering, hypothermia isn’t such a bad way to die.

When you begin to freeze, there is quite a bit of pain involved.

However, you don’t realize there is pain involved, because you are totally numb and that’s not so bad….


I was sitting at a red-light next to another car that was in the turning lane, trying to shiver to keep warm when I learned something interesting about the human body. The human body has several involuntary muscle movements that we don’t ever have to think about. Blinking, breathing, things like that.

As I was sitting at the red-light, and without my consent my toes wiggled.

I think it was their last ditch effort to stay attached to my foot.

It was a sudden shock to my system, as it was unexpected and certainly unplanned. My head flew backwards, I took the deepest breath I could manage and screeched at the top of my lungs.

It was really loud and tears froze to my cheeks.

I startled the people in the car that was next to me and they took off before the light turned green. Guess they thought I was psychotic OR that I was being killed by someone in the truck. They left thinking either successfully escaped me or left me to die.

Love ya, Mean it.

The following night Commando Nikki offered to let me use her car. I declined the offer because in one night I can put on over 100 miles on a car, easily. I told her if I really couldn’t handle the cold, I would come home and get her car.

I can honestly handle extreme cold over extreme heat.

Besides I was wearing all my clothes.

Really, everything I owned.

I am five feet tall; wearing everything I own, I become a 5x5.

If I fell over, I’d never get up.

I could only hope if that did happen that I would be inside and the people I work with would step over me.

Beatlebum was very concerned about me and wanted me to stay home until I explained to her that the money I make goes straight into the Disney fund.

Bye mom, have a nice day.

God takes care of Idiots, he really does. The temps went way below zero again. God knew I was being an idiot by trying to be out in that with no heat, so….

Right off the bat, the caliper on my front passenger side of the truck broke.

I had no brakes and couldn’t drive the truck at all.

God forced me into Nikki’s car so I wouldn’t kill myself accidentally by freezing to death at a stop sign.

I used Nikki’s car for the next two nights, until I could get my truck fixed. Nikki’s car is much lower to the ground and very difficult for a 5x5 person wearing all her clothes to get out of.

I couldn’t bend anything and I had tied my disruptive toes together.

I looked like and walked like a mummy.

I stopped by the corner store on my way home and my ‘store friend’ (an older man who hangs out there chatting with people) saw me.

He got all upset and started waving his arms around, saying “Oh NO! You can’t be out like that on nights like this. You have to keep all your skin covered. Stop here in the morning and I will give you a ski mask.”

Are you kidding me?

Are you trying to get me shot?

You want me to knock on strangers doors wearing a ski mask?

I thought we were friends.

That hadn’t occurred to him.

GLAD it occurred to ME.

Del’s friend came over today to fix my truck. I went out to help him bleed the brakes and we had a snow squall.

A snow squall is when the sun is out and it is a balmy 30 degrees and suddenly, with little warning you are standing in freezing wind and ‘sideways stinging’ snow. It’s over almost as fast, like a sandstorm or thunderstorm. It usually last long enough to make your ears freeze and hurt.

It is the only time in your life when you can feel your ears.

It was great of him to work in that. He’s a good guy.

So as for tonight I have heat and brakes. I hear tomorrow will be -40 below with wind chills.

All of my laundry is done.

I figure it will be warm in Disney. It will be worth it.

Love Ya / Mean It and Pins

Tony, Delaney, Connor - Love Ya / Mean It

Robin & Del, Kimball & Bennet (aka Delswife & Scuba Steve, Zurgswife & Zurg) are proud to announce two unique limited edition trading pins to benefit research to help find cures for Juvenile Diabetes and Muscular Dystrophy.

We love going to Disney World and writing funny trip reports, after all it is how we became friends.  We care just as much or more about helping these two great causes. All the profits from pin sales will go to JDRF and MDA because, well, Robin thought it would be a fun idea.

So if you enjoy the trip reports please chip in and buy a pin or two. Pins are $10.00 each including shipping and handling (North America.) Send an email to with how many pins you would like and we will get the pins rolling.

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