"Limo" Luis



Luis BWV Bus Limo driver

Disney has something like a billion busses so bus service is typically good.  Sometimes it is Great.

We got up early to go from Boardwalk to the Polynesian  for breakfast at the Kona Cafe. We figured that we would take the bus to Magic Kingdom and then the monorail or a boat back to the Poly. You learn how to play the amazing race and work out these multi legged trips after a little time at Disney World.

So there we are at the crack of really early the only people at the Boardwalk Bus stop. You hear a lot of griping about Boardwalk bus service on some of the internet boards. Keep in mind some of those board are famous for griping. Our experience with the busses at Boardwalk typically are good.

A Magic Kingdom Bus pulls up and we pile on. It is so early we are it. Only only at the Boardwalk on eth whole bus.

The driver welcomed us aboard and struck up a conversation. When he learned we were going to breakfast and we were the only people on his bus with the next scheduled stop at MK. He mad a little diversion.

Direct Landing at the Poly. Yahoo! That saves some time and shuffling around.  

It was like a big  white with red letters on the side private limo. How Cool Is That?.

 Thank Shoe Luis.