Jennefer @ BWV


Jennifer @ BWV Front Desk

Somehow she escaped the camera. Nice trick.

Jennifer is one of the Front Desk Cast at Boardwalk Villas. BWV has a lot of Pin awardees because 1) we like BWV a LOT and we like the Cast there MORE.

Now there are those who find fault with Boardwalk for it elevator issue, i.e. there is only one on the Villa side. Who cares? Not us. We like to be as far down the hall as possible. Closer to MGM and Millionaire. Closer to the exit down there that is the fast way to get to and from the Bus stop.

We had rooms a tad too close to the Elevator and Jennifer was able to help us get far down the hall. In addition that meant some other guest, who more than likely likes the elevator, got to be nearer to them Win Win.

Thank Shoe Jennifer.