Chad & Lisa


Chad & Lisa

Chad & Lisa work at guest relations at Disney Studios. Disney World is a place of Magic but sometimes the Magic gets lost. Chad & Lisa helped find some lost Magic so we could get it to the rightful owners.

We believe in Magic and we believe in saying thanks for Magic. We make pins, we write little Thank Shoe stories here on BadShoe and sometimes we do more. We make what we call a Dunlap Special; a long scroll of thanks, silly poems, clippings from magazines and what not.

We send these off to cool people, sometimes we send them to the cool peoples managers so they can recognize their cool people . IMHO that is management's single most important job, keep the top performers performing at the top and get everyone else to try to do the same, but what do I know.

So anyway we made a scroll for David & Isaac you can see it here. It got "lost" on the way to them and ended up on someone else wall. Lame! Lame! Lame!

Anyway we were less than thrilled when we heard about it.  Chad & Lisa came to the rescue and we were able to give the scroll to David & Isaac who made Magic in the first place.

Things don't always go perfectly, a strong recovery goes a long way to making it making things right. Chad & Lisa made a very strong recovery

Thank Shoe

Chad & Lisa.