Randy - BWV



Sorry no picture and to be honest we have so much fun watching his act I forgot the name.

Connor loves the juggling act on the Boardwalk. Blair was sick last March when we saw this guy’s show. Connor and Dad have a plan. We get out to his spot early. Connor has a box to give the guy. The Juggler, his name is Randy isn’t it? He starts to set up.

Connor approaches and says, “We saw you show last spring and loved it. My Dad works at a bank and well, we brought you this box of samples from his work.”

Sucker for a straight line he says, “What is it a box of money?”

“Yeah” says Connor, telling a partial truth just like a good member of Fagan’s gang.

Randy looks at him funny and opens the box. Inside is a set of juggling balls packed in genuine US Federal Reserve notes.


It is real honest to god shredded money. It was a promotion the bank ran about juggling your money.

We had a great time watching the show. The kids were the brunt of a number of the his jokes. I don’t know who was having more fun the Randy or us.