Simon - UK - Epcot

We make tour books for the Kids to take to Epcot. Like the passports books on steroids. We have pictures, maps and flag sticker and statistics on each country from the CIA (Zurg has connections.)

Connors homework is to take his book around and talk with people from other countries. We used to take the books to the Kidcot stations and try to strike up conversations. This has been iffy at best. Too many people trying to get a quick passport stamp and run off to get a conversation going.

Zurgís new strategy is to pick on CMs doing retail work. They like little break from retail work and they are there to entertain guests right?

I was walking past the Beatles cart when I notices two things. One the Cast are discreetly shooting guests (with water) then making comments about it always raining in the UK. Two a name tag: Simon.

I have heard of this CM from his mom on the DIS.

Zurg approaches the suspect, keeping a wary eye on the squirt bottle hidden behind his back.

ďHello Simon. Your Mum wanted me to say Hi.Ē Zurg wonders if Mom knows about the water bottle. He thinks not.

We have a great chat with Simon. The kids learn about his home and the Chunnel. It is right out side Simonís window at home.

The kids have a good time and Simon seems to enjoy a relayed message form home. The kids want Simonís squirt bottle. Zurg isnít going to let that happen, I have seen them in space ranger spin. They would soak the tourist like we got soaked in Act VII.

Come to think of it we got the wettest around the UK. Zurg wonders if Simon has access to the fire hose.

We leave Simon with a BadShoe pin.

We meet up with him in a few weeks at DIS convention. He is off duty and falls right in with the crowd of Disney fans, a very nice guy.