Seloua and Joe



Soloua brought her new hubby Joe out to play.

OK we love Soloua and to be honest we a little skeptical that Joe was good enough for her.

Not that we thought there was anything wrong per se with the guy but she is so special that he needed to be special too. Turns out that he is.

Not just because he flies, likes cameras and dives, all of which are very high on my cool list,
he is just, well - the right guy for Soloua. That is saying a heck of  lot in our book.

I wish I could re-tell the story she told us over dinner of their courtship but
1)It is their story
 2)I cant tell stories that well.
Lets just say it was funny, sweet and had a cast of great characters.
I would love to get to know her sister and his dad.

After dinner Joe pulled out a brief case.  Seems he is something of a close up magician.


He kept finding these foam balls in strange places, like the kids ears and stuff. The kids were very amused.

And did a outstanding job of rope tricks.


Meanwhile Seloua was full of smiles and captured a few too.