Spring '03



Presenting the Halloween 02 and Spring 03 collection:

Halloween '02

Not the clearest picture but this guy's Converse All Stars and socks were in the Halloween spirit

Nice, High and stayed still so I could get the picture!


I think the key here is the heel  straps are left loose.


The little heart on the side says high fashion and old All Stars can be in love.


I think these don't go with the jeans.


Nice styling, particularly the contrast of the straps and the pattern on the pants. Very vogue indeed, but cna you walk 8 miles in 'm?


Finishing off the Halloween collection, and I think you need to click on these for a better look, a comment about fashion and comfort!. Note the Band-Aids on the toes!



Kelley's handy work from Spring break 2003.

Lets start with a little color



Nice and neat and the little guy is to.


and a few heels.