Spring Break Training


Tips II - The Sequel


Spring break is coming soon and now is the time to get your head in the game. Start planning for Mickey Ďcause heís planning on you.

There are some things to do now. Thinking about where to eat and some pre-emptive shopping can go a long way to a more relaxing stay with the Mouse.

Disney doesnít exactly do reservations but you still need to get on the list if you want your choice of eating establishments. There tons of places to eat but there are always a lot of people there so getting some Priority Seating (PS to us Disney Geeks) lined up but is a must. Priority Seating is like a reservation to get in line. They donít put you in the queue for a seat until you check in but you canít even get that far without the PS. You can learn more about the whole thing and (this is the cool part) get a look at restaurant menus now. Go to http://allearsnet.com/din/dining.htm

Now about the preemptive shopping, Disney is all about the retailing. You walk out of shows and rides through gift shops. Think of Mickey as Fagan and all those little duck nephews of Donaldís as pick pockets. If you are not on you guard they will clean you out every time you turn around.

Be mentally prepared. More important preposition the kids so they donít get sucked into the every little shop and all you do is shop a.k.a. spend more. Here two good time tested tactics for the gift shops. Donít ever shop early in the morning. Do get up early and hit the parks when they open the line are way shorter donít waste short line time in a gift shop.

Leave for some quality pool time in the early afternoon and then do the shopping or go to Downtown Disney and power shop Ė the place has a store dedicated to Legos Ė that is cool. Let the kid rations the cash themselves. Tell them - hey you get a few bucks a day for stuff spend it as you see fit or save it up but when you out your out and we ride when the riding is good. 

Gift shops arenít the only way Dopey dips into your pocket. You are going to be walking a lot, Florida can be warm. You are going to get thirsty. Bang two, three bucks a pop for drinks. Hereís a slick little trick. Order a few cases of water delivered to the room from a off property service - regular super market prices plus delivery and tip. You turn a profit on bottled water. If you need a Coke to get going in the morning get a carrier of that too.


So since youíre having a delivery what about breakfast? Breakfast is pricy, hey it Disney what did you expect?  So get a few gallons of milk and a few boxes of cold cereal. It is way faster and way cheaper than eating out for breakfast. Get snacks too. Everyone is walking a lot and is gonna have the munchies. If youíre in a suite you get bowls and spooks. If not get some paper plates and plastic spoons delivered. (OK you can pinch extra spoons at the counter service lunch place but it isnít worth the hassle.)

Donít get me started on coffee. I know of one place in all of Disney World that has drinkable coffee. Kona Cafť in the Polynesian Hotel. The rest is warm dark water that tastes like they wash the character suits in it. Either pack a pound your favorite brand or add it to the food delivery. Oh donít forget filters Ė the Mr. Coffee baskets type.

They can deliver beer too.

What about the pre-emptive shopping you ask? Yes it is spaving time -  you know that spend and save blend thing. Here are a few things to buy ahead of time: 

bulletWal-Mart has water bottle holders that you can attach to your belt loop. Great for carrying the water you had delivered. About that water is another tip, freeze it. Then it thaws through the day and you have cold water.
bulletWal-Mart also has those foam bottle wrapper thongs. They help keep the water colder longer and they also keep the condensation on the bottle from getting the side of your shorts all wet. Trust me this is a huge plus.
bulletThere is about one free electric outlet per room. You probably have cell phones, digital cameras, camcorders and other electronic stuff to plug in. Go to Home Depot and pick up a few one to three plug adapters to plugím all in. Some folks like a night light to be able to fine the can in a dark strange room at 3 am.
bulletSunglasses, Sun screen, Mole skin for your blistered feet, Goggles for the pool, aspirin, toothpaste.
bulletDONíT buy new shoes. New shoes cause potentially fatal blisters at Disney.

All of this stuff is available there it is just that Scrooge McDuck is in charge of pricing. Save you money for drinks. They are available pool side and in every park except Magic Kingdom, Mickey is happy to sell you what every you want or need, at or above full retail.