Trisha is nothing more than a silly brand identity for our family trips to Disney World. Rather than buy   shirts with Mickey’s brand logo (well ok in addition to) we created our own ‘icon’ and get shirts embroidered from Land’s End. Unfortunately our experiences have been less than satisfactory there. They totally screwed up the first order we did there but it was the week of 9/11/01 so in retrospect a few messed up shirts isn't life shattering and they recovered well enough to bring me back.

This time somehow Land's End decided they had to shrink the logo to put on Delaney's shirt. Now if you know anything about Zurg you know he isn't very shy. Zurg tried to convince Land's End they had put the logo on a smaller shirt before. Now that she had grown we needed a new shirt. Nothing doing it was policy straight from the production floor - the logo had to shrink. Stupid but apparently policy.

So Zurg said OK shrink the little girl's shirt logo do the rest un-shrunk. That is how Land's End invoiced. Were they made that way? - Nope they shrunk the logo and put it on all the shirts. Uggh.  Stupid policy & poor production. (Oh did I forget to mention they over charged me for putting the stupid policy smaller logo on the larger little girl's shirt? - They did.)

Less than satisfactory is well less than Trisha is willing to settle for. When I called with problems she made extraordinary efforts to correct them and I am sure she will.

So I sent a Bad Shoe Thank You off to Trisha's boss with instructions to pass it to Trisha. I hope she does. I also sent a cc to the CEO but CEO's never respond to letters of praise and I don't expect to hear from him. I think CEOs only count stock options.

Anyway Thanks Trisha.