Zurg's Evil Plan



... things are getting tense at the DIS and even worse before that they were getting dull. I feel the need to something new, different, big spectacular and if not particularly interesting at least we can work on a little mayhem.

I'm thinking black tie, green evening gowns cut so low they have to be held on with double sided duct tape and long acceptance speeches cut off by the orchestra.

I want to organize an Awards Show for the DIS.

I need a select group of great minds, celebrities, drunkards and criminals to help me figure out the best way to do it. You have been hand picked to be one of them and have the opportunity to join in.

If you accept, your first responsibility is to choose which categories you fall into; great mind, celebrity, drunkard or criminal, (personally I think I'm all four) regardless you are then a Member of the Academy.

I am hoping that we can come up with a fairly funny & cool process that gets a lot of "Buzz" as it were. I am open to how to come up with this in a way that is both collaborative and away from public view until it is ready. Iím half way tempted to set up an EZboard just to organize this - but Iím open to any other suggestions?

In general I think we come up with a bunch of nominees, open the nominations to public vote but somehow keep the results a secret. Then in a spectacular gala series of posts announce the winners, followed by the Governorís Ball in chat. Come to think of it the awards show could be in chat too, what ever - that can be sorted out in the process.

The Academy, as you know has a number of guilds, and it is those guilds that select nominees. So, assuming you want to play, the Academy need your help to create some award categories and guilds to come up with nominees. One thought could be that selected boards be award categories; the best trip report or something. Hmm best signature file, best documentary could be a theme park strategyÖ.

I am sure we will need more guild members a.k.a. co-conspirators in those guilds. I canít remember who is who on what board so someone better than me with DISers is welcome to help find other victims preferably creative ones.  

We will need an MC; RMD, WillyJ who has a tux?

We will need presentersÖ

Well we need a lot of stuff and the sillier the better.

You in?