pinguy.jpg (58960 bytes)Delaney was in the Snow White persona. She was wearing THE DRESS. We needed to find Snow. She worked her charm on some Cast Members.

photographer.jpg (35317 bytes)Delaney bounced, ran and jumped like any 3-year-old and in THE DRESS she twirled around to spin the hem out. This was unbearable cute. 

autograph.jpg (19171 bytes)Delaney was a CM magnet. She attracted the attention of a Disney photographer - some kind of a staff photo journalist not one of those ever present souvenir photographers.

kiss.jpg (25576 bytes)This CM had a few grand worth of way cool Nikons and burned a lot of film of Delaney. (Heather- If you're out there send us a copy!) A staff photographer knows what is going on in the park such as who (a word that here means Snow White) will be where. After all - her job is to take pictures of it all. 

snowhug.jpg (41495 bytes)Delaney gave her some stickers, including a coveted sticker and scored the definitive time and location of Snow's next appearance. 

snowkiss.jpg (20326 bytes)Delaney had a great visit. This was not the typical snapshot, sign, next character visit. 

Snow white was, of course very gracious. She fussed over Delaney's dress.  She Autographed Delaney's hat, with Delaney in it. Snow and a gave Delaney a kiss on cheek. 

P1010281.JPG (39607 bytes)Rather than a quick picture, Snow White sat down spreading out her and insisted Delaney should on her lap and so the same. They  both looked great. Delaney proudly wore a pink spot on her face for two days. 



Here is Delaney as Cinderella

  cinderellas62.jpg (29049 bytes)

And Belle and Belle

bellekelle2.jpg (34886 bytes)