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World Showcase Passport & Scrapbook!

Attached are sample pages of a book we designed to help our kids enjoy Epcotís World Showcase and maybe even help learn a thing or two while having some fun.

World Showcase is a permanent Worlds Fair with pavilions, movies, food, shopping and a few rides featuring 11 countries from around the world. It is staffed with college age interns from these countries. Unfortunately, at first, the kids didnít find Epcot as interesting we did. This is where the book came in.

We made four pages for each country. Each page at each country is an opportunity for an activity. A sample of each type of page is linked here. We find a willing Cast Member (Disney speak for employee) from each country to help us explore there home country with the book as a talking tool.

Cover Page
Click here to see a .pdf file of the Morocco Cover

Each country starts with a cover page with a map and pictures of sights from the country. We use this as a tool to find out where the Cast Member lives and to ask about what their home is like. We ask the CM (Disney Geek speak for Cast Member) to mark their home town on the map.

Passport Stamp
Click here to see a .pdf file of the Germany Passport Stamp Page

Disney has a program where kids can get a passport stamped at each country. (Check you map for times) The program is called Kidcot. Kidcot stations can get over run but they can also be fun. Typically there is a little craft the kids can do. We collect passport stamps on the grey Mickey where Jiminy Cricket is pointing.  When we get the stamp we put the sticker we have made of the country flag on the page.

Help Figment Find the Country
Click here to see a .pdf file of the Help Figment find Canada page

Find the county on the world map and color it in. This helps get a feel for where each country is. Again we have make stickers (Avery is great!) After the kids have done found the country on the map the put the country sticker where Figment is pointing.

Fun Facts
Click here to see a .pdf file of the Norway Fun facts page

Fun information comparing each of the countries, admittedly the activity was having the kids collect all the facts and it was a way we could look forward to the trip, but we print them any way. There have been some changes since we first made these but we make updates.  The CIA web site is a great source.

Other Struff
Click here to see .pdf

Blair studied Harriet Tubman at school. She was one cool American. We integrated his homework on the Underground Railroad into our book as a connection between the Canada and the US. We have taken the opportunity to combine homework and our interest in other Epcot countries as well. One reason why we are so willing to pull the kids out of school to go to Disney World.

Finding a good Cast Member is the Key.

This is the art of the deal; Kidcot stations can be good we have had some great times there with our books. At times the CM have been surprised to see someone who has taken more than a passing interest in their home.

However the Kidcot stations can also be a mob scene and it is at times hard to get a CM to pause and talk. We tend to pick on some bored looking intern working retail or straitening t-shirts. They will be happy for a diversion. Typically we ask if they can show us their home on the cover page map. Nine time out of ten, they will be curious and start flipping through the book. All you have to do is keep asking questions, preferably essay questions like:


What do you miss about home?


If I visit you home what are the things I must see?


Where did you go on vacation as a kid?


What is different and what is the same about your country and here?


What do you do for New Years?


What is the coolest thing about being from your country?

We hope making your own book will help you enjoy Epcot!