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Disney  Parades

"I love a parade..."

You have to love a parade to sit for hours to have a spot to see it but Disney's are worth it! And some places and parades are better than others.

Stars and Cars a parade with two things I like. Outstanding custom coach work. 


sdtc2.jpg (63942 bytes)Also new in 2002 - the Share a Dream Come True Parade. Some call it the Snow Globe Parade. follow our link and check it out. 

(Zurg demonstrates the value of a polarizing filter in these pictures. for more on photography see Zurg's digital camera manifesto is here on and at Deb's at



Toy Story was a great parade and is still one of my favorites. Maybe it was 'cause it was my first trip to WDW or maybe I just like TS more than most. (Too much? Lets see, this sight has Buzz's Spin, this classic TS paradeAl's Toy Barn and our Toy Story Halloween Costumes. No, that is not too much!) 

Anyway this is a classic. Hey Coke could admit the old was better than the new, Until the Mouse Cheeses, bring this great parade back you can find it here.

A great Parade premiered in Epcot as part of the Millennium Celebration. It is called Tapestry of Nations but has become Tapestry of Dreams. The mouse says, "As dusk arrives, the World Showcase Promenade becomes the stage for a vibrant street party that... "  you can see our pictures and viewing tips here.

Magic Kingdom parades are always great. Here are some shots of the Main Street Electrical Parade (taken in Frontier land).