Daisy - Magic Kingdom Trains

We stroll Magic Kingdom, six purple Zurg’s  intent on getting to the annual pass holder party before MNSSHP.

They are in the process of selling stuff, closing the park, selling other stuff, turning up the MNSSHP decorations, selling pins and giving away candy.

Giving Away Candy!

The kids advance on a train engineer giving out treats like Bell Services attacking kids in the Boardwalk lobby.  We come out from under the train station intent on relieving him of some treats.

Before we can say the magic words "Trick or Treat" (and this would be coming from six Zurgs so you have to seriously consider the trick aspect) he practically shouts at us. “Are you the Zurgs?!”

“Yes” I say thinking, 'aah Dude the clothes!'

“Daisy is looking for you!” he abandons his post as greeter candy guy and (after giving the kids candy) sets off looking for Daisy. He fails his quest and remembering his post assures us she is right around here somewhere.

We wander a little bit looking for her and are stopped by two other CM’s in train costumes.
“Daisy is looking for you.”

I am starting to feel a little like a wanted man - all the train guys are keeping an eye on us. Just as the paranoia is setting in (and the kids are clamoring for more candy)
Daisy aka EngrDaisy
appears out of the crowd.

What a great way to be greeted in the park. I mean how cool is it to have CMs looking for you the way tourist are hunting down Mickey. Apparently Daisy had them all looking for us and had to do a little remedial character identification instruction as they all were not as familiar with Zurg as they should have been. (It is very clear to Zurg EngrDaisy rules the WDW railroad. Ja mst be zee Viking connection.)