David & Isaac


David & Isaac

We have made a lot of friends in Disney World. We go frequently and it is no surprise that we look up old friends from prior vacations. One we always try to see is David. He was the first Cast Member who really made Magic for us back in í99. He was on BadShoe Thanks You before we knew that we would have this section of our web site.

David still inspires us. Recently he introduced us to his friend Isaac.

David, Isaac & Kelley
(Click here to see how Kelley has grown since she first met David)

David's show has been shifted off to the side and that is an unfortunate metaphor for the Disney Corporation. Art seems less important to the corporate mouse. They have moved the artists off to the side and assume creativity is still there. The suits donít seem to know where their empire began. They say it started with a mouse, but to the suits the mouse is a brand and franchise.

That is sad. Don't let it happen in your life.

We know the Mouse is art.

David helped show us art is Magic and has helped make art an important part of our family life. He has inspired our kids to draw, paint and try. That is what Magic is, imagination and trying.

In July of í04 David helped us see that art is still alive at Disney. He introduced us to Isaac an artist at the Animation Academy.

Isaac brings art to life every day at Disney. He teaches people to draw.

The day we met him, Isaac taught us to draw Stitch. It was a little tricky but very rewarding. I doubt we expected that we had it in us, but Isaac was very clear and confident about what to do and sure enough with a little effort we could draw Stitch. It was Magic.

No the Magic is not drawing Stitch. Magic is that tricky things can be done with care, confidence, practice and a bit of imagination and inspiration.  

Be sure to see Magic when you go to Disney. Magic isnít in a tour book. Magic is made. It is made between people. You need to be part of magic for it to happen, not a spectator, a participant. Slow down and introduce yourself to an artist. Together you can make Magic.

Yes, you can make Magic! too. Don't let the suits in the back of your mind push art to the side of your trip to Disney or life.

Isaac and Dave can show you how, get you started. Find your own art; imagine, draw, paint, photograph, sing, compose, play, perform, sculpt, create a silly web page, what ever, just get outside that box and create. 

Art is a living thing; it needs care, feeding and attention. Keeping it alive will bring Magic to your life Ė ask David or Isaac how.

(Oh and it never hurts to go back and visit David & Isaac for a refresher course.)