Regis & Kelly


Regis & Kelly "Lee" Ripa are not just national icons and butts of jokes on Letterman,
they are Icons & Butts of Jokes here at


They were the hosts of the Christmas parade that featured ZurgsWife on the sidelines.
(We sat on the concrete curb for 5 hour to get these 3 seconds of fame.)
Watch it here:

We are big Millionaire fans and in the midst of the original Regis Millionaire over exposure we created our own Who wants to me a Millionaire online game, over exposing Regis.
You can play here.

Regis seemed less than excited about the honor of appearing our Skuttle
flap Stanly series but here he is with the stuffed seagull plush toy.
See more of Skuttle here

Now it being we wondered if Kelly had proper park shoes
to stomp around the sun baked pavement of Disney World.
Well what did we see? Nice tattoo Kelly.
You Regis where is yours?