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Here is Skuttle "Packing" to go.

Skuttle was our DIS Con buddy. That is someone who was there in spirit if not body. Since she couldn't go to Disney, something about counting the days until law school is over, Skuttle sent us a stuffed Skuttle to take in her place. It is a good thing she is in law school, the in spirit Skuttle partied hardy and we man need council.

(You can see the real Skuttle's home page here or keep reading for the DIS Con adventure.)

It was a tough long trip. Skuttle looked over the burger choices at Beaches & Cream.

Skuttle met some other DIS Con folks.

Then he slugged back the first of a few half yards of Guinness at the Rose & Crown.

Next thing you know old Scuttle has done a
George of the Jungle, "Watch out for that tree." 
Oh well one more DIS Con buddy for Skuttle.

Then back to the DIS.

Breakfast at Spoodles and Skuttle meets some other high flying friends.


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