Seloua and Joe


Seloua - Epcot, Morocco

We make tour books for the Kids to take to Epcot. Like passports in steroids. We have pictures, maps and flag sticker and statistics on each country. We use these to strike up conversations with Epcot Cast Members about their home countries and learn a little as we tour Epcot.

A few years ago we met Seloua, one of the sweetest people in the world, doing this. Kelley started talking with a her about Morocco as she came off the greeting desk. She took the time to sit down and talked about her homeland for a good half hour. Kelley was very impressed. In fact she has chosen Morocco as the country she would like to do a 6th grade project on mostly because of this interaction.

One of Kelley's responsibilities for her project was to try some food from the country she is studying. Now if you don't have a 6th grader around, they don't do much in the way of experimenting with new foods. Seloua made some recommendations and Kelley and I went in to test them out. We had a grand time and Kelley can now make a fairly good beef brewat roll.

Seloua is bright and funny. Something that is often missed by people stopping by. We seek her out and chat.  Naturally if her official duties as a greeter are needed we pause while she talks with another guest. Once, in such a pause, I was practically on the floor laughing as she quietly and graciously informed a guest who had said he was a little hunger that they have table ready immediately for people who are very hungry and asked if he was very hungry. He didn't get it. He said he was a little hungry. Well never fear they had a table for that too.