Jim - Epcot

You can see he's wearing the BadShoe.com pin and a bunch of Dopeys

The kids were pin trading the whole time.
We bought a case of Dopey pins cheap before we left home.
The kids were busy trying to find people to trade them with.

We were not alone in this effort. Dopey was a glut on the market was it a little bit of work to move the Dopey pins. Zurg, an extreme free market type, was proud of the commodities market pit trading skills the kids developed over the week.

The boys came back talking about a CM who was, they claimed, collecting Dopeys. This didn’t make much sense CMs don’t trade for stuff they already have on their lanyard but the kids were sure fired up about it.

A little later we say hi to a CM manager named James. He had a half lanyard of Dopey pins. Seems he was the guy the kids were working over.

When little pin traders saw we were talking with their buddy they circled in for another shot at the remaining non Dopey pins he had. Jim was game.

In short order he had all Dopey pins and the kids had his entire non-Dopey inventory. At this point Zurg noticed the same phenomenon he notice when the kids were playing with Bell Service’s balloons. I couldn’t tell who was having more fun the kids or the Cast, a sure sign of outstanding customer service.

Jim was awarded and BadShoe.com pin. When he heard it was a pin Cast Member could only get for providing our family with magic service he smiled and said, “Well if we are handing out things we aren’t supposed to trade here. We aren’t meant to give these away.” He took of his Epcot food and wine festival badge and placed it in Zurg’s hand. (Zurgswife snatched it so fast Zurg wasn’t sure it ever actually touched Zurg’s palm.).

We put the his pin on a little card, it looks like this:

Jim read it and laughed. He said he hoped we were giving out a lot of pins. I like a manager who has a positive sense of humor about his people providing great service. From what we learned then and as we asked other CMs about him Jim leads by example. (Daisy has only nice thing to say about him, she apparently worked for him at one point)

Well Jim, I am sure you will be happy to know you are one of many Cast Members with a BadShoe.com pin.