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Our Official Walt Disney World
Halloween Portrait 

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zurg wanted.jpg (35506 bytes)Zurg did most of the costuming, with the very notable exception of Tinkerbell who was wearing a slinky Joan Davis Dunlap original! Click here for more on the fashion of the trip.

Mickey's Not so Scary Halloween Party is a blast. They manage to make the park look and feel totally different. There are lots of street con buzz.jpg (17191 bytes)activities, like face painting, characters, performers, trick or treat stations and free (with your paid admission) photo stops.  Almost all of the kids and about half of the adults are in costume. 

blairbuzz.jpg (22112 bytes)Many costumes were very impressive but Zurg got the best reaction from kids. All the little Buzzes would shoot him, one power ranger kung fu kinked him a few times and Zurg posed for a few pictures and even signed an autograph.  Zurg posed for a picture just before getting on his ride which should be called Zurg's Space Minion Spin but what can you do? 

jessie.jpg (18677 bytes)splash_mountain.jpg (54055 bytes)The streets were crowded, which actually made it more fun and  but the rides were wide open. Here we are, in costume, with the the Florida grand parents, dropping down Splash Mountain photo. Click on the picture to see the happy "I love this place face" on Jessie. She is a trooper and was back the nest day for more.

Her hat almost blew off but the cow girl cord saved it. We were having so much fun we didn't take a lot of pictures even if we were pushing a ton of cameras around on the stroller.