Zurg's Trip Reports




Hello Humans!

I Zurg, your supreme ruler, have recorded some of my musings on Walt Disney World so that you feeble creatures could learn from my vast experience. 

Some of these were originally posted to the Dis Web boards others at the Lodge. I have saved them here so that my wisdom would not be lost under other less significant posts. Enjoy! (or else.)


Evil Emperor, Supreme Ruler of all that I survey etc...


Our most recent Trip reports, Mom's Gala Birthday Bash, are premiering at the Lodge. They will move here, with pictures soon.

Our first Trip report series are here on BadShoe:

bulletACT I: Cinderella didn't start off living in a Castle either.
bulletACT II: Into every life a little rain must fall.
bulletACT III: Who's the Blond?
bulletACT IV: Snow White & the leather clad Pagens
bulletACT V: Faster than a speeding bullet.
bulletACT VI: MGM and The Jedi Mind Meld.
bulletACT VII: Temporarily Experiencing Systems Troubles TRACK and the One That Got Away


Another set concerning our Halloween trip,  can be seen at the DIS:

bullet Zurg's Halloween Act I: On the Road Again.
bullet Zurg's Halloween Act II: On the Road Yet Again.
bullet Zurg's Halloween Act III: Boardwalk!
bullet Zurg's Halloween Act IV: MNSSHP - The Quest for Candy!
bullet Zurg's Halloween Act V: Beers with SSB and other Adventures
bullet Zurg's Halloween VI - Oliver Twist
bullet Zurg's Halloween VII - A Box of Money?
bullet Zurg's Halloween Act VIII: Almost Perfect
bullet Zurg's Halloween Act IX: It Rains a Lot in the UK